Friday, October 20, 2017

Bill & Ted Go To Hell:

Bill & Ted Go To Hell By: Joines & Bachan
Non-Fiction: Graphic Novel,Sci-fi/Fantasy, Pop Culture
Physical Book Count: 67
Book Count: 82

In this story that takes place after both of the Bill and Ted movies, they boys are waiting on death to show up for the band's practice, when he is unusually late they get concerned.  The then are attacked by a possessed Colonel Oats and they, their fabulous wive babes, and robot Bill and Ted fight him.  Knowing that something most unrighteous is up the ask Missy (who is now married to reformed bad guy Chuck) for help in having an out of body experience to find out what is happening.  They find out Death has been kidnapped, get kicked out of Hell and then call Rufus for help.  They think that Satan has attacked Death and is trying to break into Heaven, so they get the gang back together.  Ms. of Arc is of course happy to fight the devil (they paraphrase an actual quote from her), Billy the Kid was visiting Socrates (as they are best buds now), and Lincoln agrees to help.  Missy, Ted's dad and the robots stay home to watch baby Bill and Ted, while the rest go to Hell.  Once their the are once again attacked by all of their greatest fears (well Lincoln doesn't get the theater part yet,) and find that it is Napoleon that took over Hell and is trying to get Heaven as well.   

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pinocchio- Vampire Slayer:

Pinocchio- Vampire Slayer By: Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins
Non-fiction: paranormal
Physical Book Count: 66
Book Count: 81

This book is based off of the classic story of Pinocchio and not the Disney version, which as one might expect change a number of things, both to make it more of a kid's story and other reasons.  So the book starts with the basic things that happened in the book, so you know what is happening.  In this story Geppetto has been murdered and Pinocchio, who is a puppet, fights the monsters that killed Geppetto by killing them with the wooden stakes formed from his nose.  His friends Master Cherry and Capanella (the blue fairy)  are attached and he learns that he is fighting vampires. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cleopatra in Space: Secret of the Time Tablets:

Cleopatra in Space: Book Three- Secret of the Time Tablets by: Mike Maihack
Non-fiction:Graphic Novel, Sci-fi, 185 pages
Physical Book Count: 65
Book Count: 80

Octavian's spaceships find and destroy Cleo's ship and they land on the planet with the city of Hykosis.  They sneak in, wrapped in rugs.  Once in the city, they buy cowboy gear to blend in and then start a bar fight.  They run into the thief from book 2, and end up joining forces in their common fight against Octavian.  We learn more about the background of some of the people and who Octavian really is.

Cleopatra in Space: The Thief and the Sword:

Cleopatra in Space: Book Two- The Thief and the Sword by: Mike Maihack
Non-fiction:Graphic Novel, Sci-fi, 189 pages
Physical Book Count: 64
Book Count: 79

In book 2 of the series the sword that Cleo got in the first book is stolen by a thief for Octavian.    Cleo noticed it, even though he was dressed as a guard and ruins Akila's Winter Dance.  She doesn't get him as she has to stand down and let the military follow the thief.  She then learns that there were 2 tablets, and the second one might send her back home, and goes with a group of her friends and Khensu, her talking cat mentor to find it. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cleopatra in Space: Target Practice:

Cleopatra in Space: Book One- Target Practice by: Mike Maihack
Non-fiction:Graphic Novel, Sci-fi, 169 pages
Physical Book Count: 63
Book Count: 78

Cleopatra (yes, that one) is about to celebrate her 15th birthday, when her and her friend Gozi  find a mysterious building.  She touches a tablet and gets send to a distant planet in the distant future that conveniently is very connected with ancient Egypt including a race of talking cats that lead an academy.  It turns out that Cleo is the person foretold to save that universe by defeating the tyrant Octavian.  She gets sent to the school, and is bad at every subject except the ones with fighting.  Her midterm is to get a artifact of great importance, which she does proving that she really is the one. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Creepy Comics: The Lurking Fate:

Creepy Comics: The Lurking  Fate
Non-fiction: Graphic novel, paranormal, 175 pages
Physical Book Count: 62
Book Count: 77

The is a collection of Creepy Comics #10-13, form 2012-2013.  It has a number of scary/creepy stories about Lovecraft, ghosts, zombies, mermaids, demons and other monsters.  

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Metalocalypse- Dethklok
Fiction- graphic novel, pop culture, 111 pages
Physical Book Count: 61
Book Count: 76

A graphic novel based on the TV show Metalocalpse featuring the band Dethklok.  It has a mixture of stories like would appear on the show.  The band gets into frozen foods, time travel, waken an evil troll, and get hunted by a railroad ghost.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Ghost Hunting in Michigan:

Ghost Hunting in Michigan by: Bradley P. Mikulka
Non-Fiction: paranormal, 127 pages
Physical Book Count: 60
Book Count: 75

This book is the story of 13 investigations done by the SouthEast Michigan Ghost Hunters Society.  It includes a rough idea of where the place was and the backstory of the place.  Some places that are open to the public for ghost hunting are noted with exact information.  It has details of what they saw/heard at a place as well as pictures that they took.  The pictures are all black and white, making it hard to see a lot of the things.