Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Catholic Quest for the Holy Grail:

A Catholic Quest for the Holy Grail by: Charles A. Coulombe
Non-fiction: History, Religion, NYR, E-Book
E-Book Count:2
Book Count:2

As you might have guessed from the title and the fact that it is a e-book, this is a book I picked up for my Amazon free book for the month on the last day of the month and so grabbed something rather then have no book for the month.  Having said that, this book was a lot better then I thought that it would be.  Much of the book deals with the history of the church as well as the common stories and legends related to the Holy Grail.  This includes both the stories related to King Arthur as well as other ones like the grail stories relating to Charlemagne.  It tells about orders of knights and related histories as well.  The only part that got a little meh was at the end were it becomes about the stories of the grail in the modern world, where while pointing out good points in the past and bad things about modern life, it doesn't do the inverse, leading to a "The past was so great and perfect," vibe.  

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Heroes & Heretics of the Reformation:

Heroes & Heretics of the Reformation by: Phillip Campbell
Non-fiction: History, Religion, NYR, E-Book
E-Book Count:1
Book Count:1

This book is a short history of the 1st generation of the Reformation as told by the life story of a few key players.  It includes chapters on St. Peter Canisius, Martin Luther, Emperor Charles V, John Calvin, Sts. Thomas more & John Fisher, Cromwell, John Knox, Mary Tudor, Mary Queen of Scots, St. Ignatius, the Popes of the time, and others.  It is written from a Catholic prospective, and it is noticeable, but it does not paint all the reformers with a broad brush, but deals with their individual histories and lives and how that affected their theology.  

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Healthy Churches

Healthy Churches:God's Bible Blueprint for Growth by: Brian Johnston
Non-fiction: Religion, E-book
E-Book Count:20
Book Count: 109

I picked this up thinking it might be interesting to read another book with themes like "Rebuilt", but for a different place.  It's author is British and protestant, so they are dealing with slightly different issues.   It is clear that this preacher feels that it is important to note that they are a "Bible church" leader, by cramming the book with bible quotes, quite often trying to shoehorn them into their ideas, in ways that I have never heard anyone think that that is what it means.  He also misquotes St. Francis, because of course he did.  

The 12 Bottle Bar:

The 12 Bottle Bar By: David Solmonson & Lesley Jacobs Solmonson
Non-fiction: Food 391 pages
Physical Book Count: 90
Book Count: 108

A collection of drink recipes that use only brandy, dry gin, genever, amber rum,white rum, rye whiskey, vodka, orange liqueur, dry and sweet vermount, and orange and aromatic bitters, as well as mixers, beer, wine and cider.  


Speakeasy: 200 Underground Cocktails: By: Benny Roff
Non-fiction: Food, History, 199 pages
Physical Book Count: 89
Book Count: 107

This book is a collection of drink recipes from the era of Prohibition.  Drinks are divided up by what is in them.  There is also a section of misc. recipes that do not fit into other sections.  And the book ends with the drink that FDR was said to have had at the end of Prohibition.  The book also has information about the time period as well as info on glasses, things to home make and  what they mean by some ingredients where what the modern readier thinks of is not what they were using in the 1920's.  

Saturday, December 30, 2017

I Work at a Public Library:

I Work at a Public Library By: Gina Sheridan
Non-Fiction: Humor, 152 pages
Physical Book Count: 88
Book Count: 106

A collection of stories about working in a public library.  These stories are all very short as the author is also the creator of a blog about the same thing, and it looks like the book was a collection of the best of from the blog.

Cocktails for the Holidays:

Cocktails for the Holidays: Festive Drinks to Celebrate the Season By: the editors of Imbibe Magazine
Non-Fiction: Food, Holidays, 115 pages
Physical Book Count: 87
Book Count: 105

This book contains a collection of holiday themes drinks.  It has info on who/ why they were made as well as recipes for homemade syrups, infused alcohols and other specialty things that you would need to make the drinks.  There is a list of materials that you would need on each recipe as well as the end of the book resources on what each type of glass is for etc. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

You Deserve A Drink:

You Deserve A Drink By: Mamrie Hart
Non-Fiction: Biography/ Memoir, Food, Humor, 271 pages
Physical Book Count: 86
Book Count: 104

Stories from the life of the creator of the "You Deserve A Drink" show on YouTube.  It as you would expect has a lot to do with things that happened when she was drinking.  It also has drink recipes.  

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Rebuilt By: Michael White and Tom Corcoran
Non-Fiction: religion 280 pages
Physical Book Count: 85
Book Count: 103

This is also a re-read.  This time for a separate thing then the original read through.  Link to first review here. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Wreck The Halls:

Wreck The Halls By: Jen Yates
Non-fiction: Humor,  220 pages
Physical Book Count: 84
Book Count: 102

Re-reading this book, just because.  Original review here.