Saturday, November 17, 2018

the sun and her flowers:

the sun and her flowers by: Rupi Kaur
Non-fiction: poetry, 248 pages
Physical Book Count: 33
Book Count: 67

A collection of poetry grouped together by themes, one of the books I picked for the year long reading challenge.  

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Atlas of Cursed Places:

Atlas of Cursed Places: A Travel Guild to Dangerous and Frightful Destinations By Olivier Carrer
Non-Fiction: paranormal, history, 142 pages
Physical Book Count: 32
Book Count: 66

1st, as I have been too busy to read all the Halloween book that I have wanted to read, I have decided to just keep reading them in November, as it's not like there are all that many Thanksgiving books.  I will still have some food/drink connected books and maybe a history book or two as well.  

2nd, I did actually read this book in October, but just didn't get to writing about it until now.

3rd, about the book: this book is a sampling of places around the world that are thought to be cursed.  Some are cursed because of historical things that happened there.  Some are thought to be cursed due to supernatural things.  And some are cursed do to the mysteries connected to them.  Some of the places included  are: Nuremberg, Poveglia, the Valley of the Kings, the Bermuda Triangle, The Pine Barrens and Amityville.  Each entry includes: the location, with longitude and latitude, a map, a sub title, and a couple of pages of information on why it is in the book.   

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Girl in the Green Silk Gown:

The Girl in the Green Silk Gown: Book 2 of The Ghost Roads by: Seanan McGuire
Fiction: Paranormal, 331 pages
Physical Book Count: 31
Book Count: 65

I didn't notice that this was book 2 in the series until I started the book; however, all the important things that you need to know for this story are in the book.  This book is a story of Rose Marshall, aka. the Phantom Prom Date, aka the Girl in the Green Silk Gown, a hitchhiking ghost who was killed on the way to her prom.  This book takes the stories of the Phantom Prom Date and adds another layer to it.  For she was killed by Bobby Cross, a former actor who made a cross roads deal to stay young and alive forever.  But for him to do it, he must constantly drive in his car, that is fueled by the people he murders with it.  Rose was one of the 1st people he killed in the 1950's and the only one who got away.  So of course, he will do anything to destroy her once and for all.
In her decades as a hitchhiking ghost she has made many friends including: Emma, a Bean Sidhe (banshee), Apple, queen of the North American routewitches, Gary, her prom date from that fateful night who lived a long life, but managed to turn himself into a ghost car, and the Ocean Lady, a early American road that has been traveled enough that it has become a goddess of twilight.  

Saturday, October 27, 2018

An Exorcist Explains the Demonic:

An Exorcist Explains the Demonic: The Antics of Satan and His Army of Fallen Angels By: Fr. Gabriele Amorth with Stefano Stimamiglio
Non-Fiction: Religion 145 pages
Physical Book Count: 30
Book Count: 64

1st, when I started the book I knew that when you are a hammer everything is a nail, so when you are the most famous exorcist in the world, you might see the potential evil in everything.  So when he suggested that one might be opening themselves up to something evil by: getting a non religious tattoo, reading "Harry Potter" or watching scary movies I continued reading.  But, I really have to wonder how many people are hurling spells are people in Italy that that is a major focus of this book.  Also, how are people getting possessed by have another person cursing them, when they are Christians?  I distantly remember  learning that you need to let a demon in, that's why vampires can't go into houses without permission.  Sure, these innocent victims of spells and curses could be oppressed by demons or otherwise attacked from the outside, but that's not possession.    

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Angels and Demons:

Angels and Demons: What Do We Really Know about Them? by: Peter J. Kreeft
Non-fiction: Religion, e-book
E-book Count: 34
Book Count: 63

This book answers 100 questions that people have had about angels as well as demons. Some are serous, some are silly, one question is basically a  short essay with the answer being 1 word.  
 They do all have serious theological answers, but some are a bit more light hearted in the response.  For example, how to tell if an angel is visiting you in an assumed body or as a vision: offer them food (not devil's food cake) and see if any of it is missing after they "eat" it, or why science can't prove or disprove angels, because they don't reflect light, and so can't be observed.   Most of the highlights that I made in the book, weren't because they were so deep, but because they were so funny.  

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Dept. H volume 3: Decompressed:

Dept. H  volume 3: Decompressed by: Matt Kindt
Fiction: Sci-Fi, Graphic Novel
Physical Book Count: 29
Book Count: 62

Things have now gotten so bad at the research station that they have to abandon it, but there is not enough subs, or energy for everyone to make it to the surface, and they all have been exposed to some contaminant. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dept. H volume 2: After the Flood:

Dept. H  volume 2: After the Flood by: Matt Kindt

Fiction: Sci-Fi, Graphic Novel
Physical Book Count: 28
Book Count: 61

Things get worst in the research station while we learn more of the backstory of Mia, including more on her mother and the other people in the research station.