Thursday, August 30, 2018

The X Files Origins: Agent of Chaos:

The X Files Origins: Agent of Chaos by: Kami Garcia
Fiction: Pop Culture, Mystery, YA, 307 pages
Physical Book Count:15
Book Count:44

This book is a story about Fox Mulder from when he was in high school.  This is after his sister was taken and so he already has his openness to the unexplained and mostly unused bed of the X-Files series and is working on being called only by his last name.  He is also in the D.C. area, as this is after his parents separated.  He is also already being watched by Cigarette Smoking Man.  In this book there are a series of kidnappings and ritual murders where the kidnappings remind him of the night Samantha was taken.  And so he sets out to solve the case so that he can at least save the life of another 8 year old girl.  He gets help from Phoebe, his best friend from his hometown, Gimble, his best friend in the DC area (who is all about the new dungeons and dragons game and goes by his character's name, his real name is Gary,) and The Major, Gimble's father who became obsessed with conspiracy theories and the book "Stormbringer" after his wife's death in a car accident.   Of course we get backstory for things in the series, like the saying "The True is Out There." But like filler arcs in anime it is a zero sum game, so whenever Mulder is in a life or death situation you know he will make make it out and they can't add any backstory for something not in the show, so you are also pretty sure that his friends aren't going to be murdered in front of him or he runs into Cigarette Smoking Man or any other life changing event that doesn't fit with his character in the show.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Handbook for Catholic Moms:

The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul By: Lisa M Hendey
Non-fiction: religion, self-help, NYR, 241 pages
Physical Book Count:14
Book Count:43

If you follow my YouTube channel you will know that I was part of a summer book club where a group of YouTubers read the book and did an episode based off of each chapter in the book.  So instead of a review, I will just link the channel. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Edumacation Book:

The Edumacation Book by: Andy McElfresh
non-fiction: science, pop culture, 225 pages
Physical Book Count:13
Book Count:42

This book is described as a cocktail- party science book, in that it has small factoids on many different subjects.  It also points out as of 2015 the brontosaurus is back as a dinosaur.  Which I am oddly very happy about.  However, it also points of that many things we know as facts now will change as we learn more of the science related to that subject.  

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Crime Wave:

Crime Wave: A Maggie, P.I. Mystery by: Rose Pressey
Fiction: Mystery, E-book
E-book Count:29
Book Count:41

Maggie inherited a private investigator agency from her uncle.  It is in Miami and sort of has a view of the ocean.  It also has Dorothy:an elderly, knitting, peppermint handing out, assistant and receptionist for the agency.  She also drives way too fast.  Maggie gets a case for a cheating spouse, which is a rather normal case for the agency.  But then her client is found dead.  And the cheating wife hires her to find the killer.  Also she keeps running in to the same police officer.  

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Debating Catholicism:

Debating Catholicism:  4 Book in 1 By: Karl Keating
Non-fiction: religion, e-book
E-book Count:28
Book Count :40

Although the title says that it is 4 books in 1, this is actually the transcripts of 4 debates that Karl Keating had with different anti-Catholic speakers.  Each "book" is short enough to read in a sitting or two.  The debates were with Peter S. Ruckman, Jim Blackburn, Jose Ventilacion, and Bartholomew F. Brewer.  The debates were edited to be easier to read, but otherwise include all the arguments and counter arguments from both sides.  The debates were held at different times and places and with slight differences in format.  The speakers on the other side were Fundamentalist, a member of a Christian bases cult, and a former priest (who quite honestly, must have had the worst formation ever, as his arguments and misstating of Catholic beliefs weren't any better then the other Fundamentalist.) 

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Jeremiah's Lament:

Jeremiah's Lament: Episodes in Anti-Catholicism by: Karl Keating
Non-Fiction: Religion, E-book
E-book Count:27
Book Count :39

As one could guess from the title this book is about various common anti-Catholic arguments.  It takes them from actual people, books and debates that the author was involved in.