Friday, June 29, 2007

A Note on Books:

After reviewing the list of books that we have reviewed reasontly a few patterns have accured. Because of this we want to remind people that we are happy to take requests for reviews of book types or titles.

Phobia of the Day:

Dikephobia - the fear of justice

Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Actual Report of a Book – Kleopatra

Kleopatra By: Karen Essex
Fiction: historical, 367 pages copyright 2001

This is a fictious story based on the life of Cleopatra VII, who is the Cleopatra that everyone think of when one mentions Cleopatra. (Apparently the name Cleopatra during the Ptolemaic dynasty was like Louise in French royalty.) Anyway, this story starts when Cleopatra was a young girl and her mother dies and end right before she meets Julius Caesar. There is a second book entitled Kleopatra volume II that picks up from there. It appears to be a well researched book that is still entertaining. However, the author gives no reason why she uses Kleopatra for the spelling of that name instead of the more common Cleopatra. But she does point out repeating that Cleopatra was no Liz Taylor look alike, but in fact quite ugly by today’s standards if only because of her nose. But that does not stop anyone in the book from being obsessed with sex. Which for most of the characters makes perfect sense; however, I found it odd how much sex the eunuchs were having. I thought the main reasons royal women were taken care of by eunuchs was because they were not interested in sex anymore. (I mean that is often why one does that to a pet.) And part of it makes sense, as they could in many ways still please women and men and doing so to get favors and allies from powerful people would be acceptable and common at that time. (They were Greek, most of the people in the book were gay, bi, or into young teens) But, the one eunuch’s thoughts sounded like a horny gay teenage boy. Anyway, it seamed odd to me, but not so odd that I didn’t enjoy the book.

Phobia of the Day:

Dextrophobia - the fear of objects on the right side of ones body

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How to get ready for a play date

The to do list for 2 year olds:

1 month- 1 week before:
_ get out every toy you own
_ if asked about toys insist that your friend wants to play with them
_ ask when your friend is coming over 3 times a day

1 week – 1 day before:
_ ask when your friend is coming over every 5 mins.
_ spill red juice on every light colored surface in house
_ learn 2 new inappropriate words

Day of play date:
_ wake up at 3 a.m.
_ refuse to take nap
_5 mins. before your friend arrives poop everywhere: pants, hair, nose, floors, walls, ceilings etc. or get pet to poop or vomit in a small hard to reach corner of house
_ ask when your friend is coming over every 2 mins.
_ when friend comes over refuse to have anything to do with them.
_yell and take away any toys friend touches
_throw snack at friend
_when it’s time for your friend to leave scream and cry about how they can’t leave
_ask when friend is coming over again every 20 mins

Phobia of the Day:

Dendrophobia - the fear of trees

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday, June 24, 2007

An Actual Report of a Book – The Hearse you Came in on

The Hearse you Came in on By: Tim Cockey
Fiction: mystery 308 pages copyright 2000

This is the first book in the Hitchcock Sewell mystery series. Hitchcock works in a funeral home with his aunt. This makes him well suited for solving murders as they end up at his work. In this book he has to solve two interconnected cases all having to do with a young, beautiful women who wanders into his workplace looking to set up her funeral. And if I say much more it will give away key points. Which I don’t want to do as this is a fun read that I would recommend to mystery lovers.

Phobia of the Day:

Consecotaleophobia – the fear of chopsticks

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Easy “Ranch” Dressing

By looking where people are reading this blog from, it appears that many of you live outside of North America. And from what I have been told by Europeans obsessed with ranch dressing, it’s mainly an American thing. And so I would like to share with you a super easy way to make something tasting like ranch salad dressing, in case you can’t find it in you stores, or you can but you ran out of it and need some now!!! (Some people are sooooo obsessed with ranch dressing!)

Ranch Dressing

Serves 1

2 T. mayonnaise
1 t. lemon juice
½ t. sugar
1/3 t. Italian seasoning or mix of dried herbs such as basil, oregano, and parsley
Dash each of:
Garlic powder

Mix all together. To improve flavor let sit in fridge ½ hour.

Easy “Ranch” Dressing

By looking where people are reading this blog from, it appears that many of you live outside of North America. And from what I have been told by Europeans obsessed with ranch dressing, it’s mainly an American thing. And so I would like to share with you a super easy way to make something tasting like ranch salad dressing, in case you can’t find it in you stores, or you can but you ran out of it and need some now!!! (Some people are sooooo obsessed with ranch dressing!)

Ranch Dressing

Serves 1

2 T. mayonnaise
1 t. lemon juice
½ t. sugar
1/3 t. Italian seasoning or mix of dried herbs such as basil, oregano, and parsley
Dash each of:
Garlic powder

Mix all together. To improve flavor let sit in fridge ½ hour.

Phobia of the Day:

Coimetrophobia – the fear of cemeteries

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An Actual Report of a Book – My Year of Meats

My Year of Meats, by: Ruth L. Ozeki
Fiction 361 pages copyright 1998

This book is about a bi-racial (1/2 European ½ Japanese) American documentarian who spends a year making TV shows for Japan to increase sales of meat. It is also about how she and the show changes the lives of people in America and Japan. It was a good book that in no way connects to what the jacket of the book says about it. It also included information about the meat industry including how it’s destroying people with hormones and antibiotics. I of course read this the same week there was a huge meat sale it VG’s were I bought tons (OK pounds) of meat. Luckily, I’m some one who could enjoy Taco Bell’s mystery meat while reading The Jungle. (Besides, you’re on-line; you should know that everything is going to kill you now. And that a man lived to be 100 eating hot dogs every day of his life, chain smokers out live athletes, etc.)

Phobia of the Day:

Cleptophobia – the fear of stealing

Monday, June 18, 2007

Game Review – Warioware: smooth Moves

Warioware: smooth Moves for the Nintendo Wii

What happens when a group of Japanese game designers get drunk and try to come up with a game for Americans? Answer, you get WarioWare: Smooth Moves. This game is crazy. Some of your challenges include: picking a nose, shaving a sheep, picking up garbage, arm wrestling, flying, dropping the remote, and balancing a broom. Of course the story line includes great American things like Indiana Jones and cheerleaders for no real reason. You are taught all the ways to handle the remote by what appears to be Jack Handey; both in the voice of and in the deep thoughts like humor used in the explanations. But even given that this game is a great party game. It’s easy to learn, is designed for groups and is a lot of fun to play. It also teaches you all the ways to use the Wii remote and gives them fun names to remember each stance.

Phobia of the Day:

Chromophobia – the fear of colors

Sunday, June 17, 2007

An Actual Report of a Book – By Hook or By Crook

By Hook or By Crook: How God Shaped a Fisherman into a Shepherd
By: Jill Briscoe
Non-fiction-religion, 191 pages copyright 1987

OK, first I only read this book because it had a catchy title and I have heard of the author. That being said the book had many good points, but the areas that I had problems with it ruined it for me. First, the way it was written made it sound as if you were to walk up to a stranger and say “God loves you.” or a similar thing they will instantly want to become a Christian. It does point out how hard it can be talking with friends and family, but only people you know well. Second, she talks about how she stopped drinking because she became a Christian, and I have never understood people who think all Christians should never drink. I get that if it’s a problem for you then its best not to drink and I understand why drinking should be in responsible amounts. But, how can drinking be inherently wrong when Jesus drank, all the apostles drank, most everyone in the Bible most likely drank, and according to Jewish law there were times when one needed to have wine? Next, and in a way connected to this, she talked about how her being Baptist got in her way of being Christian because she thought that the Baptist beliefs were the right ones and other were wrong. Why join a religion if you don’t think it’s correct, or at least the closes to being correct on earth? Baptist and similar forms of Christianity were persecuted for years for there belief in adult baptism only. I bet Baptist back then didn’t think that they weren’t correct when they were giving up everything they had (land, jobs, family, sometimes lives) for this belief. It’s one thing to be so wrapped up in what you belief that you don’t see other Christians as such, but saying that you need to get red of your beliefs to love others is silly. From just reading this entry to this blog you can tell I’m not Baptist (see point 2) but just because I don’t agree with every point of their beliefs (see point 2) doesn’t mean I don’t love all my Baptist friends and family as a fellow Christian. (Even if I never understand point 2, it’s OK, more for me [of course only a reasonable amount more.]) And when we get in disagreements on theology it doesn’t change that about 80% of what we belief is the same and it includes most of the important things. (Really an interdenomation group set up what one must believe to be a Christian, this is why Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses are called cults, its not that they are going to drink “special Kool-aid” but that they are Christian like non-Christians as they don’t believe key Christian things.) (It doesn’t really matter how many 24 hour earth days it took until people were made. Or if Noah had dinosaur eggs on the Ark.) And the last point, which is going to sound stupid after the long discord on Christian unity, is she talks about Jesus picking corn. For those of you who read the King James Bible or study Elizabethan English you know that in that time the main grain in a land was called corn. Wheat was corn. Barley was corn. Maize was corn. However, now a days corn is a way of saying maize, and as maize is a new world crop there was no corn in Bible times. And as this book was meant to be written for people are all levels of knowledge in the Bible it could be confusing to many many people.

Phobia of the Day:

Chorophobia – the fear of dancing

Saturday, June 16, 2007

An Actual Report of a Book – The Book of Lies

The Book of Lies By: James Moloney
Youth Fiction-fantasy 360 pages, 4th grade reading level copyright 2004

This book is a fun read in the medieval wizard, king, and knight’s genre. It includes magic and magical beings. The story is somewhat predictable in its twist and turns, but as it states that it is for kids age 8-12 they may be less likely to pick up on the foreshadowing. Also this book has major characters that are boys, and girls, so it would be a good book for either gender. It is over 300 pages, but it has a quick pace that makes it easy to get into. So it would be a good present for the Harry Potter fan that is still in the age range the books were originally for.

Phobia of the Day:

Chirophobia – the fear of hands

Friday, June 15, 2007

An Actual Report of a Book – Requiem at the Refuge

Requiem at the Refuge: A Sister Mary Helen Mystery, by: Sister Carol Anne O’Marie
Fiction-mystery, 276 pages copyright 2000

This book was a good mystery. It wasn’t until the end that you find out who the killer is, but it isn’t written like some mysteries, where they withhold information needed to solve the case; it’s just a well written book. Also this book has the most interesting cast of characters. The main one, who is in books before this, but you don’t need to read them to get the story, is Sister Mary Helen, a nun in her 80’s who loves mysteries, and is able to solve more then any nun I’ve heard about. The murdered person is a prostitute that visits a mission run by a fellow nun to help the homeless. The other main characters include prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, vice and homicide cops, and of course to make the story even more compelling a millionaire planning on running for office, his wife (who of course works at the mission) and his mistress.

Phobia of the Day:

Chionophobia – the fear of snow

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Phobia of the Day:

Cherophobia – the fear of gaiety

Missing Blogs

We are Weird News BNI would like to apologize for the number of missing blogs within the last few days. It appears that the weather is giving us migraines, and sitting at a computer is not fun during a migraine. And so as no one reads this blog every day we have not bothered with it. So if you want more blogs let us know, by looking at the blog more and spending two mins. to type a comment about it.
Thank you
~the editors.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Book Signing

Today at 6 p.m. Mary Janice Davidson will be doing a book signing at the Borders in Oakland Mall in Troy Mi. She is one of the authors we at Weird News B.N.I. have reviewed. To read the review click here.

Phobia of the Day:

Chaetophobia – the fear of hair

Thursday, June 07, 2007

No Blog Here

Today we are at our parents, who have the worlds slowest internet connection. According to it is running at an amazing 19.2 Kbps. Because of that by the time that it got to the point that it could type a blog entry we had a phone call, drank a pop and frogotten what it was we were waiting on it to do. So it short we are NOT looking up any fun phobias, facts, or silly questions on this computer for a blog. We just tought that we would let the 2 people who read our blog know that that is the reason. And to ask them to share any jokes you can think up about a computer this slow.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tell us what you think

Tell us what you think, what whould you like to see in this blog? more phobias, more silly questions, odd facts, stories, book reports, maybe you would like to read classic WNBNI's? Whatever you want we want to know about it. So please send in you comments.

Phobia of the Day:

Caligynephobia – the fear of pretty women

Saturday, June 02, 2007

An Actual Report of a Book – Full Blast

Full Blast By: Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes
Fiction: mystery, romance, 344 pages, copyright 2004

First this book is actually the 4th book in the series. The books in order are Full House, Full Tilt, Full Speed, Full Blast, Full Bloom, & Full Scoop. But, I didn’t know this till I looked at the inside cover, because it was the only book in the series that was in the library and the back cover made it sound like the first in the series and unlike the series by Janet Evanovich I was looking for the books are not numbered. That being said I still enjoyed the book. It gave enough information that you did not need to read the other books, by as I now want to read the earlier ones, the book does give some information away. Also this book has a zany group of characters that make it great fun to read. There is the main character Jamie Swift a newspaper owner in a small town. She is in love with Max Holt a millionaire with commitment issues. He is the brother-in-law to the mayor who once was a pro wrestler. Then there’s the large breasted physic that is being followed by the ghost of a redneck, fleas the dog that only eats donuts, ice cream and cheese burgers, the ex-librarian with a lingerie shop, the baker making aphrodisiac brownies, the computer that thinks it’s pregnant, 2 huge gossips, one strict minister and one strict minister in training, Oh and did I mention a killer.

Phobia of the Day:

Botanophobia – the fear of plants

Friday, June 01, 2007

An Actual Report of a Book – Look to the Hills

Look to the Hills: The Diary of Lozette Moreau, a French Slave Girl (Dear America series) By: Patricia C. McKissack
Fiction: history, 183 pages, 6th grade reading level, copyright 2004

OK, if you haven’t heard about the Dear America series it is much like the American Girls books only for older kids and both girls and boys. There are fictionalized diaries; letters etc. that let you look into life of children at a set time in American history. This one is about the year 1763 in New York. It was an interesting book, due to the choice of narrators. As the title states it is the writings of a French slave, as you learn in the book this is just after the French have lost the French and Indian war in America. Also, as a literate slave who worked as a companion to a French girl she had more education and culture then most of the free white Englishmen that she was surrounded with at the fort she was living next to. This lead to her doing things that the average slave did not do, but for the most part it was things that were true to the time period. For example, as she could not cook, clean, do farm work, or sew at the start of the book so, her owner hired her out to help a store owner with his book work, on the side she was allowed to get odd jobs on her own for food or money and so she wrote and read letters for the soldiers. Like most children’s books of historic fiction it does have a few downsides that writer’s of children’s book feel that they need to do. Mainly, the need to add a happy ending no matter how unlikely. In almost all children’s books on slaves the slaves either are freed by their masters or are able to escape, once free they are never captured and end up living happy and prosperous lives as well liked pillars of the community (community either meaning a some what realistic, members of the area that are freemen and slaves, or the more used, every one that knew them no matter what the color of their skin or earlier held views on slavery.) But over all it was a good read which was well researched.

Odd Question of the Day:

Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?

Phobia of the Day:

Bibliophobia – the fear of books