Sunday, March 31, 2013

For Book Count Only:

The Lamb's Supper By: Scott Hahn
Non-fiction: Religion 163 pages
Book Count: 11

I was one chapter into the book when I noticed that I already read this book.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

E-books March

The Guide to Breaking Writers' Block By: Julie Duffy
Non-fiction: writing, e- book

This book is full of tips and ideas on how to deal with writers block.  It is a quick read so it itself is not a reason to continue not writing.

19 Lessons on Tea By: 27 Press
Non-fiction: food/cooking, e-book

If you are looking for a basic guide for beginners for tea buying, drinking, and making this would be a good book for you.  It deals with the main types of teas and styles and reads much like the beginners guides for things like wine and beer.

Basic Soap Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need o Get Started ed By: Elizabeth Letcanage
Non-fiction: Home ec, e-book

If you are looking for a book on making soap out of glycerin and adding colors, scents, and plant matter this is not that book.  If you watched the soap making scene in "Fight Club" and said "I'd like to do that" then this would be a good start. (Note: it has no recipes that involve human fat.) This book starts with Lye and plant and animal fats/oils and makes soap from scratch. There are some things about adding things to this soap but most of the book is about how to make soap safely.

I Have Loved You: Getting to Know the Father's Heart By: Cynthia Heald
Non-fiction: Religion, e-book

This book is a devotional about the love of God. It has a good mix of reminding the reader of God's great love for them, and showing them how to grow in holiness. It is a bit annoying with its changing between the different versions of the Bible that it uses.

Consider the Cross: Devotions for Lent By: Kirsten Oliphant
Non-fiction: Religion, Holidays, e-book

Avoiding the problems of the book above this book gives you what Bible verses to read for each day and lets you pick what ever Bible you want to use. It also goes through the last week of Jesus' life in 40 days so that you can use it for Lenten reading.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vogue Fashion:

Vogue Fashion: over 100 years of style by decade and designer, in association with Vogue By: Linda Watson
Non-fiction: 392 pages
Book Count: 10

The extended title of this book tells almost everything you need to know about this book.  The first 3rd goes from decade to decade going over the main fashions and designers of each time. The rest of the book lists designers and companies with important information for each.  The one thing that is important to note is the it is writing mainly for the British publication of Vogue, especially when talking about the fashions by decade.  Because of this the information of the 1940's -1950's is a bit different then in America, due to the difference in how long WWII affected supplies between the two countries.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Vintage Fashion:

Vintage Fashion By: Emma Baxter-Wright
Non-fiction: 211 pages
Book Count: 9

This book deals with the fashions of 1900 to 1990.  It covers major styles, fabrics, details, cultural issues that changed fashion, and designers of each decade.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Note to Self: E-Book

Seed Starting- The First Step to Gardening By: Gary Emmett
Non-fiction: E-book

Unlike what many of the reviews on Amazon said this is a VERY basic book on starting seeds indoors for a garden.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Between Heaven and Mirth:

Between Heaven and Mirth: Why Joy, Humor, and Laughter Are at the Heart of the Spiritual Life By: Rev. James Martin, SJ
Non-fiction: religion 236 pages
Book Count: 8

Given that the author of this book is a Jesuit priest you would expect that this book would be about only Catholic spirituality, or at least general Christian beliefs ( as Martin Luther is on the cover art.) But although most of it is Chriatiany it includes quotes and information from Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and New Age sources as well as modern psychology.  It is however a uniquely modern and very American book, as a good part of the beginning of the book deals with how the dour, hard working, fun hating Puritans helped us believe that religiousness equals seriousness.  Much of the book is stories of how the Bible has humor in it, joy and humor in the lives of the saints, and some what corny jokes involving religious people. Over all it is a deep book, that doesn't take itself that serious, making an easy read of a complex subject.