Friday, March 16, 2018

Cleopatra in Space: The Golden Lion:

Cleopatra in Space:  Book Four- The Golden Lion: By: Mike Maihack
Non-fiction:Graphic Novel, Sci-fi, 201 pages
Physical Book Count:2
Book Count:8

Book 4 in the series.  Read review of book 3 here.   In this book they found out that the golden lion might have been found.  Cleo, of course, runs off to the distant world that it might be on.  (This time, on her own, so no one else can gets killer or hurt.)  So ends up on a frozen planet that messes with all her tech.  She runs into Antony again, as well as trouble.  

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stone Cold Magic:

Stone Cold Magic: Ella Grey Series Book One by, Jayne Faith
Fiction: Fantasy, E-book
E-Book Count:6
Book Count:7

As you can tell from the title, this is the first book in a series about a character named Ella Grey. This story is about a world where the supernatural became out in the open after a rift opened in NYC years ago.   This lead to a new type of vampires and zombies,  as well as more people with some level of magic abilities.  Ella has low level skills and works in a paranormal police unit that stops demons' attacks on people.  With her skills she just walks a beat and deals with the lowest level demons.  She just died and came back to life and since then there has been something different.  She has something else that came back with her.  Also her partner had to retire due to being hurt in the same demon attack that temporary killed her, so she has a new partner, one that has a is much higher level of magic, but comes from a family where anyone under a mage is a disappointment.    She gets involved with a case of a gargoyle and a boy being possessed by the same demon in the gargoyle, something that has never happened before.  She also is looking for her long lost brother, and dealing with issues from friends and family.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors:

Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors by: H.L. Burke
fiction: mystery, E-book
E-Book Count:5
Book Count:6

Nyssa is a reformed thief in a steampunk world.  One day after she arrives at her workplace (a repair shop) a strange man comes into the shop.  He threatens her with a recording of a past crime of hers and when her boss, Mr. Calloway, gets in his way, Mr. C is killed.  Running for her life she goes threw town and sneaks back to her home.  When there the police come to take her in for murder and the mysterious man arrives to.  She escapes both with the help of someone that says they are working against the mysterious man and can help her if she just gets some information out of the house of a recluse inventor, who their  boss was business partners with, so it's not even legally stealing.  She agrees, having no other real choice and gets sent into the house of mirrors, with a new set of lock picks and a warning that although the house seams empty,  others have tried and failed to escape it with the information.