Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Remember Your Death: Memento Mori Lenten Devotional:

Remember Your Death: Memento Mori Lenten Devotional By: Theresa Alethei Noble, FSP
Non-fiction: Religion, 213 pages

I did a whole series of videos on the book, so basic info is that it is a daily devotional for Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday.  It include the readings for the day, some thoughts on it, a person or group to pray for, the writings of a church father/ saint, the examen and an activity to do. 

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory:

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory by: Caitlin Doughty
Non:Fiction: Memoir, e-book

I do not know how I ended getting recommendations on YouTube for the "Ask a Mortician" channel but if you too ended up on that part of the internet you know the author of this book.  This book is about her early career in death, starting when she first got a job working at a crematorium having seen only a couple of dead bodies in her life and having a degree in Medieval  History. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Wrong Girl:

Return to Fear Street: The Wrong Girl by: R. L.Stine
Fiction: YA, mystery, 328 pages

Poppy and her friends make a new friend with bad boy Jack and decide to pull some stunts, hoping to become internet famous.  They name the group and take some video, but as the stunt gets bigger, things go wrong.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Fight Club 2:

Fight Club 2 By:  Chuck Palahniuk and  Cameron Stewart
Fiction: Graphic Novel, Pop Culture 276 pages

What if the narrator settled down with Marla, took meds to stop him from hearing Tyler and had a kid?  This book asks that question, but of course its not a simple case of starting a new life.  Not when Fight Club is still a thing, and Tyler refuses to die.    

Haunted Stuff: Demonic Dolls, Screaming Skulls & Other Creepy Collectibles

Haunted Stuff: Demonic Dolls, Screaming Skulls & Other Creepy Collectibles by:Stacey Graham
Non-fiction: history, Paranormal, 218 Pages

(Note: as friends irl might have noticed I have started using Goodreads to track the books that I read, so have decided to leave out the book counts on here, as I already have a counter going for my reading goal for the year.)

   This book is part on collecting possibly haunted things and part a series of stories of well known haunting.  The stories are divided up by what type of items or locations are connected with the haunting.

Friday, April 05, 2019

Best State Ever: A Florida Man Defends His Homeland:

Best State Ever: A Florida Man Defends His Homeland By: Dave Barry
Non-fiction: humor, essays, travel 229 pages
Physical Book Count: 15
Book Count: 24

Everyone has heard of "Florida Man" and in this book, Florida man, Dave Barry attempts to explain his existence and point out all of the good in the state, as defined as cheesy tourist traps.  He points out how often "Florida Man" is someone that moved to Florida and not a native and explains the reasons why he feels that the state attracts that type of person. (as a peninsula  it is hard to escape.) 

Thursday, April 04, 2019

The Obituary Society:

The Obituary Society by: Jessica L. Randell
Fiction: Mystery, E-book
E-book Count: 10
Book Count: 23

Lila is a young adult that had been taking care of her grandfather in his later years.  He had just died and she inherited his house in a small town.   The house is near that of her aunt Ada who she is planning on staying with for a short time while she learns more about her family and gets the house ready to sell.  But there is a pond out back that has something in it and there is talk of hidden money.  Then the lawyer who is helping with the estate dies in somewhat mysterious circumstances and the younger lawyer of the firm and Max, a man with a quirky young daughter, both are possible interested in Lila.  Also Aunt Ada is part of a group nicknamed the Obituary Society which is made up of older ladies that like to be involved in everything, and includes Gladys who is Max's grandmother and constantly tries to get them together.

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Cupcakes and Conspiracies:

Cupcakes and Conspiracies by: Katherine Hayton
Fiction: Mystery, E-Book
E-book Count: 9
Book Count: 22

This is book one in the Sweet Baked Mystery series.  In this book Holly and Crystal's dad just died and they inherent the town bakery.  The bakery has brisk business, but for some reason they are losing money and in danger of loosing a business that has been in the family for generations.  Also Holly hasn't been in her hometown in years and her marriage and career have just fallen apart.  And the man that they own money to gets a possibly deadly allergic reaction right after going to there "nut free" bakery.  

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

The History of the Church:

The History of the Church By: Eusebius
Non-Fiction: History, Religion, E-book
E-book Count: 8
Book Count: 21

It is very interesting to see how books were written at different times in history.  This book is from the 4th century and is organised in a way very different then modern books.  Some chapters are a paragraph or two just listing who was a bishop in some town since the 1st Christians were there.  Some are stories of martyrs.  Some are stories of heretics and their heresy.  Some relate back to other people's writings, as if it is something everyone would have read.