Friday, November 22, 2013

A Note to Self: Too Busy To Comment

As you my know I am super busy right now, and so I have A. not been reading that many stories and B. not had time to work on my blog. So before I forget the books that I have some how been able to read I am just going to list them so I can check to see if I read them if I see them later and think, "That book looks familiar" I can see that I read it.

Easy Bake Coven By: Liz Schulte
Fiction: Fantasy, e-book

Catching Fire (The Second Book of The Hunger Games) By: Suzanne Collins
Fiction: Sci-Fi, YA, 391 pages
Book Count: 46

(I HAD to read this before the movie came out, so if we don't end up seeing this I am going to be upset!)

When God Whispers Your Name By: Max Lucado
Non-Fiction: Religion, audio book
4 CDs 4.25 hours

Saturday, November 02, 2013


Rebuilt By: Michael White and Tom Corcoran
Non-Fiction: religion 280 pages
Book Count: 45

This book is the story of changes that one church in Maryland made in order to "rebuild" their parish. This is also a book that everyone working at my church office has read, and has been in part the subject of more then one homily as well.  So that is why I read it.  It was an interesting look at how modern people often view church and ways that changing that can improve the life of a parish as well as make it a place where the unchurched people can feel welcome to investigate church.  It deals a lot with seeing what is working in other churches, but not blindly coping things, rather looking at what is the underlying reason that something works.  It also has a lot of on-line resources for more information.