Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Epistle to the Hebrew and the Seven Core Beliefs of Catholics:

The Epistle to the Hebrew and the Seven Core Beliefs of Catholics by: Shane Kapler
Non-Fiction: Religion, E-Book
E-Book Count:9
Book Count: 61

This book is about the book of Hebrews, core Catholic beliefs, historic study of the Bible and the Masoretic vs. Septuagint texts of the Hebrew Bible.   It is more about how one can learn about the other ideas in the book by using the book of Hebrew then a bible study of that one book.  And it also references many other books of the Bible in talking about these issues.  The 7 Core Beliefs according to this book are: The Trinity, Jesus's full humanity, the Word of God (written and unwritten), savation, the communion of saints, the Eucharist, and the authority of our ordained leaders.   

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Food of the Gods:

Food of the Gods by: Cassandra Khaw
Physical Book Count: 52
Book Count: 60

Rupert Wong is a cannibal chef.  By that I mean that he is a human that cooks other humans.  He doesn't eat them, he is a chef for a dynasty of ghouls in Kuala Lumpur.  He also works as an administrator for the Ten Chinese Hells.   His girlfriend is dead, having been murdered before he met her, and her unborn monster baby lives with them too.   Also he lives in a world where all the mythologies of the world are real and work much like gangs where they have turf and alliances/wars with the other mythologies.  Even more modern fictional pantheons and "worshiped" things are real.  
So Rupert had a full life of hacking up and cooking humans for ghouls, talking to kwee kia that want to unionize, and filing paperwork on gods, demi-gods, and other mythical beings.  Then a dragon shows up asking him to find proof that his daughter was killed by a fury.  From there his life gets crazy fast.