Saturday, August 29, 2015

Notes to Self:

Guinea Pigs By: Julie Mancini
Non-Fiction: 100 pages
Book Count: 34

Your Happy Healthy Pet: Guinea Pig By: Audrey Pavia
Non-Fiction: 116 pages
Book Count: 35

Friday, August 28, 2015

Note to Self: The Narrow Road:

The Narrow Road: A Catholic's Path to Spiritual Growth By: Jeffrey Anderson
Non-fiction: Religion, E-book

 I am a bit behind on my books, so I do not remember that many details on this book, besides that it was on discipleship a lot and the writer is part of the Charismatics, so it goes into that more then other groups.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The De-Textbook:

The De-Textbook: The Stuff You Didn't Know About the Stuff You Thought You Knew: By the editors of Cracked
Non-fiction: History, Humor, Science, Pop Culture 207 Pages
Book Count: 33

This book is actually done like it was a text book, only with each chapter being on a different subject.  It covers well and not so well known lies that you were taught in school, and the even weirder, crazier, and/or unbelievable truth that you weren't taught.

Friday, August 14, 2015

How To Write The Million Dollar Story:

How To Write The Million Dollar Story: Successful Plotting & Storytelling Made Super Simple By: Jack Davies and Jim Driver
Non-Fiction: Writing, E-book

This book is all about working on a plot for your story.  It includes a number of examples from popular books and movies, which it would be helpful if you were familiar with them ALL.  I did not read/ watch all of the things so somethings weren't helpful, and some of the things they said about the sited works were wrong (like Fargo wouldn't be the movie it was if it wasn't set in Montana [which it isn't], and I doubt the "compelling plot" made 50 Shades such a popular book that people over looked the HORRIBLE writing.)  But it does have a number of quotes from authors which was nice.  And a couple of writing exercises that might be useful.  And I spent exactly 0 dollars on it, so there's that.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to Fight Presidents:

How to Fight Presidents: Defending Yourself Against the Badasses Who Ran This Country By: Daniel O'Brien
Non-Fiction: Humor, History, 250 pages
Book Count: 32

This book is also by a writer of Cracked, and includes much information that he has used in articles, videos, etc.  However, this book is divided into chapters for each person that has been the president of the USA, and includes hints on what to do, if they came back to life and wanted to fight you for some reason.  Also, it includes more information on each person then your high school history class ever did, including Millard Fillmore, who was "one of our most Millard Fillmore-esque Presidents," (this is literary the most you can say about our most boring president.) And it includes the important info that if you were creating a presidential A-Team, all parts could be swapped out with Teddy Roosevelt, including The Roosevelt ( in a worst case situation FDR could be swapped out for the Roosevelt.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

You Might Be A Zombie and Other Bad News:

You Might Be A Zombie and Other Bad News: From the Editors of
Non-Fiction: Humor, Science, History, Pop Culture, 287 pages
Book Count: 31

This book reads like a collection of articles from Cracked.  In fact a number of the articles I think were on Cracked.  It also uses the list method of writing each entry. But it also includes cartoons and the title wasn't changed  after writing so it only fits some of the article.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pocket Guide to Sainthood:

Pocket Guide to Sainthood:  A Field Manual for the Super-Virtuous Life By: Jason Boyett
Non-fiction: Religion, Humor, 215 pages
Book Count: 30

This book is all about saints.  It includes the process that one undergoes in order to become an official saint (don't set up the shrines too soon!).  As well as a glossary of terms, a list of different saints, saints that are patron of different things, ( including Florentine Cheese Workers, ugly people and the internet [it is apparently official now.]) The stories of saint's lives include a number of "Obligatory Weird Miracle Stories", random facts, random quotes, "What Not to Venerate," and reasons to be impressed.  There are also some list of things relating to saints at the end.  (Note: this book is from 2009, so about half the people in the list: "Seven Well-Know "Servants of God" Whose Canonization Are Still in Process" have been canonized already.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Rooted in America:

Rooted in America: Foodlore of Popular Fruits and Vegetables Edited by: David Scofield Wilson and Angus Kress Gillespie
Non-fiction: Essays, History, Food, Pop Culture 223 Pages
Book Count:29

This book is a collection of essays on popular fruits and veggies in America and their meaning in American history/culture/etc.  It goes from apples to watermelons.  As it was written in 1999 there are a number of entries that could use a updating due to the change in the food culture since then.  There were more then one entry that reading about "current" ideas in the way the food is used, portrayed, etc are out of date.  The food where this is the biggest issue is on hot peppers as it was written before the drive for hotter and hotter peppers and when the different types of peppers were just starting to be able to be found around the country.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

How to Survive a Horror Movie:

How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills By: Seth Grahame-Smith
Non-fiction: Humor,  Pop Culture, 175 pages
Book Count: 28

This book includes all the things that you have ever yelled at the screen when watching a horror film, put together in an organized, easy to read, format.  It is divided up by what type of horror monster you are dealing with and sub genres. It also has general information, like how to tell if you are in a horror film, stock characters used in horror and an apology from Wes Craven to all of the characters he has killed off in movies.  

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Possession, Exorcism, and Haunting:

Possession, Exorcism, and Haunting by: Adam Blai
Non-fiction: Religion, E-book

This book goes over basic information on how to tell if there is a ghost or a demon near you and what to do about it.  It includes the fact that true ghosts tend to be on the boring side with their only moving of objects that were important to them in life and whispers of things like "help me." (Note: this book only covers ghosts as souls in purgatory, as ones from Hell they are assuming are demons, and any possible warp in space-time is science and not supernatural. Also they are assuming that the reader is not a saint who might have a slightly wider range of interactions with souls in purgatory, but still following the rules for not trying to talk with the dead.) It also includes the fact that demons are grammar Nazis, so if someone is correcting your word choice in a language that they don't speak you should call a priest right away.  It also points out the fact that exorcisms are the most extreme method of dealing with demons and it is much more common to have to deal with a demon connected to a thing/place then a person.  And also, like everything else in movies, it is a lot longer and often less exciting then in "The Exorcist", and includes things like therapy and spiritual direction to deal with underlining issues and sins, prayers, Bible reading, doctor's check-ups to make sure the person is healthy enough for an exorcism and of course checking to make sure that they aren't just mentally ill.  (Number one way to know that someone doesn't need an exorcism, is that they say they need one.)