Friday, September 25, 2009

A Book in Review: The Magical Christmas Cat

The Magical Christmas Cat By: Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh and Linda Winstead Jones
Fiction: paranormal romance, science fiction
Book Count: 60

This book is a collection of four short stories that are to be on cats and Christmas. So first I would like to comment on how the stories work with the title. First, the definition of magic is very loose in half the stories. It is more a magic of love magic in most of them. All of the stories take place at Christmas, but for some they are a Christmas story like "It's a Wonderful Life" is one. There as scenes that denote that it is Christmas, but its not really important to the story. All the stories have cats. Only one is a real house cat. Half are main characters that are cat human hybrids. One is a demon in a cat form. Besides the poorly named title and cover art, I liked the book. The stories were interesting. And I must remember to write these things quicker after reading a book, as I had all sorts of things I was going to say, but forget.

A Book in Review: Dead until Dark

Dead until Dark By: Charlaine Harris
Fiction: paranormal, mystery 292 pages
Book Count: 59

This is the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse books that were what the series "True Blood" is based on. In this one there is a killer on the loose that is killing people that sleep with vampires. Sookie spends the novel trying to find out who it is before they get to her. As well as dealing with her feelings for Bill the vampire and her boss's feelings for her. From reading the book, I can see how the show is so popular. (Note to friends who keep insisting that I watch the show: I will now put it on my to watch list, as I always like to read the book first.)However, this book is in the vein of vampire novels that slightly annoy me as the main vampire(s) are nothing like old time vampires, nor is there any real attempt to show why old thoughts on vampires were incorrect on this story's world. WHich is something that I wouldn't normaly comment on but I just finnished reading others complaining about the same thing . Anyway, as I too change some things when writing vampire stories I'm not going to let that stop me from reading the books. (But, I instist my changes make since, why does being dead make you not reflect light in a mirror? It makes no cents, if you needed a soul to be seen in a mirror, then when people look in the mirror they would be naked, as clothes don't have them.)

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Book in Review: Death and the Lit Chick

Death and the Lit Chick By: G.M.Malliet
Fiction: Mystery 307 pages
book count: 58

This is the story of a murder that takes place during a mystery writer's conference. It deals a lot with the background things in the publishing industry. As such it would be a fun read for people who want to get into the industry. It is also interesting seeing how people that deal with fictional murder every day might end up dealing with a real one. Also, it takes place in a Scottish castle with a ghost in it. As such it is an intresting combination of many bits of story types as well as the main storyline being a mystery.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Book in Review: Good News About Your Strong-Willed Child

Good News About Your Strong-Willed Child By: Randy Reynolds
Non-fiction: parenting, religion 200 pages
book count: 57
NYR page count: 1316

I only read this book at this time, because my mom loaned it to me, and I wanted to finnish it before I saw her tomorrow. It was OK. I don't know if I didn't really like it because I wasn't into reading this type of book right now, or if it realy was to much physo-babble. In either case, it did have some good points. It talked about the importance of kids changing into independent people, which is something that most religious books on parenting do not address, or only deal with the negitive of rebeling kids as something to be stopped. It had other good thoughts too, but I have a headache and don't feel up to writing more.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

A Book in Review: Flint and Silver

Flint and Silver: A Prequel to Treasure Island By: John Drake
Fiction: historical, adventure 357 pages
Book Count: 56

First, unlike the book that this book is based off, this is very much an adult book. The author makes a short note on why "Treasure Island" was a childrens book, and why this book is for adults. But, I found the reasons to be unsadisfactiory. Yes, "Treasure Island" was a story made up for a boy child and as such didn't have romance and other "girl" things in it. And I get if an author likes adding female charaters and romance in a book. However, it makes a odd prequel to a children's book to have a story that is diffentily NOT for kids. As it would be one thing if he added some romance to it because, he likes writing that, it still could be appropiate for older children and teens. But, along with detialed nudity, sex, and masterbation there are mulitple attemptive rapes. And then there is all the volience one would expect in a piriate book, plus some extra.

Once one gets past the issues with this being a prequel to a kids book, it is well writen and fits well with the original book. The book is full of details that show the author put much study into writing this book. Some of the characters are a little differnt from the first book, but largly in a way that would fit with them changing over time from events that happened to them. Also it deals with the issue of the fact that pirates diddn't realy bury their treasures.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

One Month to Go!!

One Month until the "Super Holiday Special Weird News B.N.I." Yah!!! We just need to get ready for school to start, go to a wedding, and buy presents for the one million birthdays in the start of October and then will be ready!!!! Then it will be all ghost, goblins, turkeys and trees!!!!! We are not at all over excited!! We do not need to cut out the sugar and caffeine at all.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Book in Review: The Youngest Templar : Trail of Fate

The Youngest Templar : Trail of Fate (book 2) By Michael P. Spradlin
fiction: young adult adventure, history 222 pages
Book Count: 55

Note: this book is due out in October of this year. This report is based of the reading of an advance galleys of the book.

This is the second book in a series on a young Templar squire. To read our review of book one in the series, click here. This book picks up right where the first book stops. Tristan is shipwrecked in a storm and he ends up on the coast of France, still with the Holy Grail and still with the powerful knight, Sir Hugh chasing him. Luckily his friends Robard, Maryam and the dog also make it to France. In France they meet a group of Cathars, a heretical sect. Tristan falls in love with the leader of the group and his two friends also show that they like each other in the book. They work to help the Cathar group as well as protecting the Grail. We also get more hints on who Tristan really is and more Robin Hood likeness coming from Robard. Overall I really enjoyed the book, and can't wait for book three to be out (in part due to a cliff hanger ending). I almost wish that it followed the trend in young adult fiction and was 600 pages long instead of making me wait! As I am gearing up for the holiday special starting next month I will add that this would be a good gift for a kid that likes history or adventure tales with at least a 5th grade reading level. The main character is about 15 - 16, but the storyline, and writing style could be appropriate for a much younger reader.