Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ghostbusters Mass Hysteria:

Ghostbusters Mass Hysteria by: Erik Burnham, art by: Dan Schoening
Non-fiction: Graphic Novel, Paranormal, Pop Culture, 460 pages
Physical Book Count: 4
Book Count: 5

This graphic novel is an omnibus of stories about the Ghostbusters. (1980's cast.)  It includes stories that are a continuation of the movies as well as stories that contain mostly new characters.  There are some stories that are only a few pages long any others that are book length.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Alamo All Stars:

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Alamo All Stars By: Nathan Hale
Non-Fiction: History, Graphic Novel, Humor, Children's 128 pages
Physical Book Count: 3
Book Count: 4

This is part of the series of graphic novels for children teaching American history with a time traveling Nathan Hale.  Link to review of first book in series here.  
In this book we learn the story of the events that lead up to the battle of the Alamo and what effect it had on American history.  There is also a cross over with the "El Gran Libro Enorme de la Historia Mexicana" which involves Vicente Guerrero and his executioners.  ( Who as they were a firing squad constantly shoot their guns into the air making a bird fall on the British solider.) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Eat Bacon, Don't Jog:

Eat Bacon, Don't Jog: Get Strong. Get Lean. No Bullshit. by: Grant Petersen
Non-fiction: diet, science, cooking, 216 pages
Physical Book Count:2
Book Count:3

This book is a series of short one or two page essays on a low carb diet that uses short strength training exercises for work outs that require minimum equipment. (Mostly your own body weight and kettle balls.)  The book does a good job explaining the science and reasons behind the diet. It does rely heavily on the idea that eating meat is what helped humans evolve faster then the other great apes while minimizing that vegetation was still a major component to diet.   Although, it does a good job of pointed out that the work to gather was greater then modern shopping and the sugar content was much much lower in wild plants.  There were a few things that it said that sounded not right in an essay, but then in a later one clarified what it meant.  And the more controversial essays were  in a section to let people know that this is things you might not agree with even if you agree with the rest of the book.  Overall the book was a good introduction to things, but due to the limits of using words and a couple of pictures to describe how to do an exercise,  I would go online for more info on proper form for exercises I was not familiar with before trying.  It also has a section with a number of easy recipes that would work on the diet including replacements for common carby foods like: desserts, cereal, and croutons.  And it ends with more resources for one to look into.  

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Divine Renovation:

Divine Renovation: Bringing your parish from maintenance to mission By: Fr. James Mallon
Non-fiction: Religion-C 286 pages
Physical Book Count:1
Book Count:2

This is the type of book that one would want to read twice, once to read through and once to stop and highlight every couple of paragraphs a good quote, other work to read later, new idea, etc, for when you need it for later. As it is more for the people that run a parish then the parishioners, I shall wait to do the re-reading for some other time, as I have a pile of books to read about as tall as me. The main idea of the book is that you can't keep doing what didn't work in the past and expect it to work now.  That in the magical past churches could keep their doors open expecting little from the people, and giving little to them beyond a social club, (i.e. maintenance) because it was a culture in which if you were "born Catholic" you stayed a "practicing Catholic"  for your life.  So people forgot the main reason for church, mission; to make disciples, help the needy, be a true community, and so forth. It does this by quoting the consistent statements from popes, councils, and church documents about this, as well as talking about what the author has tried to do; what worked, what didn't, and things that he is still working on.  Although it deals with a complex issue it is very readable and easy to understand.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Louder than Words: The Art of Living as a Catholic

Louder than Words: The Art of Living as a Catholic By: Matthew Leonard
Non-Fiction: Religion-C, E-book
E-Book Count:1
Book Count:1

This book is about living life as a Catholic.  It has a good mix of piety and levity.  For example, it points out that the main goal of life is to become a saint, which it refers to as getting yourself on a laminated bookmark. (Which any Catholic serious about their faith knows what they are talking about.)  It also includes quotes from the saints, classic poetry, papal encyclicals, and other scholarly things, (with many footnotes at the end), while reading as something that a beginner could understand.

Note on Labels:

I have decided to make it a bit easier to tell what each book I read is about by adding additional tags to all the religion books that I read. As it: mysteries, sci-fi, and paranormal are the main types of books I read.  I might add tags to these fiction books that I read as well, but as I do not often re-read fiction besides books that I love and know what is in it, it is not as necessary.  So now books will be labeled Religion-(letter)  So C- for Catholic, P- for Protestant, O- for Orthodox, J- for Jewish,  G- for books on religion in general, etc. (As, I do not read many books that would not fit into these categories I will not list all the possible religion's abbreviations.)  These will just be in the body of the entry and not under the labels section, which will only list them all as religion.