Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bill the Vampire (the Tome of Bill Book 1):

Bill the Vampire by: Rick Gualtieri
Fiction: Fantasy, E-book
E-Book Count:6
Book Count:50

This is book one in a series of books on the adventures of Bill, a vampire.  This book deals with how Bill became a vampire, and his early vampire activities.  Bill was a stereotypical nerd/geek.  He is average looking, lucks out with women, lives with a couple of roommates who are much like him, works a tech job mostly from his apartment, is a D and D regular, etc.  A hot women invites him to a party when they meet on public transportation, and although he can't believe that that really happened, he goes.  It turns out she is a vampire and the coven that she belongs to has a habit of having parties in with all the male or female vamps invite some type of "losers" to the party, drink their blood, turn them and then dust them.  (The time before the men all invited overweight women to the party. Also this coven only contains people that would be described as very physically attractive.)  Bill is able to be with it enough after being turned that when he sees the other guys getting dusted, he tries to escape.  He, as a new vampire with no natural fighting or running abilities fails miserably, but a senior vampire that was visiting the group saves his life.  They then find out that unlike most vampires, his sire and senior vampires can not compel him to do things, he is a Freewill.  This makes him a thing of legend even among vampires.   

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Crimson Hand:

Doctor Who: The Crimson Hand by: Dan McDaid, Martin Geraghty, and Mike Collins
Non-Fiction: Graphic Novel, Sci-Fi, Pop Culture, 255 pages
Physical Book Count: 44
Book Count: 49

This book is a collection of Doctor Who comics involving the 10th Doctor and a companion that is not in the TV series, a green, female,  alien named Majenta Pryce.  It includes 10 stories and a number of times and places.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Behind the Fireplace:

Behind the Fireplace: Memoirs of a girl working in the Dutch Resistance By: Andrew Scott & Grietje Okma Scott
Non-fiction: history, memoir, e-book
E-Book Count:5
Book Count:48

It book is the story of one woman's working in and with the Dutch Resistance in WWII.  The title is based off the fact that her family hide up to a half dozen people in their house in a small attic space with a hidden spot behind the fireplace.  During much of the war there were 2 Jewish couples living there, part of the time with a small child (who was moved to a pig farm in the country when the neighbors starting to hear him.)  There was also a single Jewish man that spent some time there, as well as a non-Jewish man who was wanted by the gestapo. It also deals with her issues related to the war that took place after the war, these include PTSD from events that happened, and people outside of those she knew during the war not believing her story.  It is mostly compiled by her son, from the stories that she was finally willing to tell decades after the events and then he pieced the stories together with some info from others that were there. 

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Complete Guide to Fasting:

The Complete Guide to Fasting by: Jason Fung, MD with Jimmy Moore
Non-fiction: science, food 301 pages
Physical Book Count: 43
Book Count: 47

This book deals with a number  of different types of fasts; including intermittent, alternate- day and extended fasting.  It includes why fast, how to fast, recipes of things to eat when not fasting as well as resources and references.  There are also sidebars and short stories by/about other experts in fasting and showing success stories of fasting.  There is also information on groups of people that should not fast or should get extra help from a health care professional before fasting and why. 

Sunday, June 04, 2017

20 Answers Challenge:Part 6

Finished just in the nick of time!  Also, yes I am trying to absorb information like a book Highlander, also as I own the books its not like I can't re-read parts if need be.

20 Answers: Islam by: Andrew Bieszad
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 70 pages
Physical Book Count: 39
Book Count: 43

20 Answers: Mormonism by: Trent Horn
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 65 pages
Physical Book Count: 40
Book Count: 44

20 Answers: Jehovah's Witnesses by: Trent Horn
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 69 pages
Physical Book Count: 41
Book Count: 45

20 Answers: The Papacy by: Jim Blackburn
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 70 pages
Physical Book Count: 42
Book Count: 46

Friday, June 02, 2017

20 Answers Challenge:Part 5

20 Answers: End of Life Issues by: Jason Negri
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 67 pages
Physical Book Count: 35
Book Count: 39

20 Answers: Abortion by: Trent Horn
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 61 pages
Physical Book Count: 36
Book Count: 40

20 Answers: Faith & Science by: Trent Horn
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 59 pages
Physical Book Count: 37
Book Count: 41

20 Answers: Atheism by: Matt Fradd
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 58 pages
Physical Book Count: 38
Book Count: 42