Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lean Mean Thirteen:

Lean Mean Thirteen By: Janet Evanovich
Fiction: Mystery 310 pages
Book Count: 35

The review of the last book is here.

In this book Stephanie Plum is wanted for the possible murder of her ex-husband Dickie Orr.  Because Dickie never changed his will after the divorce and my be worth millions due to his shady business partners Joyce Barnhardt spends her time following her to find Dickie and stop Stephanie from seeing the money.  Also Ranger and Joe work together to protect her as she deals with many buildings burning down and exploding beavers. (Literally small furry animals exploding.)

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Year of Living Biblically:

The Year of Living Biblically By: A.J. Jacobs
Non-fiction: religion,memoir, audio book
12 CD's 14.75 hours

In this book the author spends a year trying to follow all the rules in the Bible, literally. (With a proportional amount of time spend between the Old and New Testaments based on their lenght.) Which is especially odd as he is an agnostic, raised as a secular Jew.  He talks with many different Jewish and Christians religious leaders about there takes on certain passages as well as thoughts on religion in general.  We learn how hard it is to get a Jehovah's Witness in your door when you want one and hear Amish jokes from the Amish.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey:

Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey - Save BIG Money & Make the Grocery Aisle Your Catwalk By: Joanie Demer & Heather Wheeler
Non-fiction: Cooking, Home Ec. 246 pages
Book Count: 34

This book is writen by "The Krasy Coupon Ladies" of .  It is all about how to best use coupons to save money.  It has a lot of useful information in it.  Most of it would be helpfull for people new to couponing.  But it also had information that even experienced couponers most likey don't know. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Devil's Punch:

Devil's Punch By: Ann Aguirre
Fiction:Fantasy, Paranormal 316 pages
Book Count: 33

This book is part of the Corine Soloman series.  It is not the first book in the series, but it can be read as a stand alone book. 
In this book Corine is living in Mexico, learning how to use the magic she inherited with the help of Tia.  She is also rebuilding her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Chance.  Then a demon kidnaps her best friend and she has to go to Hell to find her.  While there she learns about her family history and has to decide if she will risk it all to save her loved ones.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Nadia G'sBitchin Kitchen Cookin' For Trouble:

Nadia G'sBitchin Kitchen Cookin' For Trouble By: Nadia G
Non-fiction: cooking 197 pages
Book Count: 32

This book stays very close to the format of the TV show, for example some of the things are exactly the same things said on the show (if not most, I haven't seen every one.)  So if you like the show you will like the book.  Also, if you like maple syrup and kind of Itailian words you will like the book.  And the food looks good too. 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Nosferatu Scroll:

The Nosferatu Scroll By: James Becker

Fiction: mystery, paranormal 466 pages

Book Count: 31

This book is part of a series about a British cop and his antiques expert ex-wife. In this one they travel to Venice and get wrapped up with a vampire cult. The book intertwines both their story and that of a young woman kidnapped by the cult. Over all it is an interesting story, but there is some disturbing scenes as well as a Dan Brown feel of being controversial to sell book. (This story not as badly as the other in the series clearly are, but still it is noticeable.)