Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dragonbreath: No Such Think as Ghosts:

Dragonbreath: No Such Think as Ghosts by: Ursula Vernon
Fiction: Fantasy, Humor, Graphic Novel, Children's, 201 pages
Physical Book Count: 19
Book Count: 22

This is book 5 in the series, and for once Danny doesn't take a bus to a place that it would be impossible for him to reach by city bus.  Instead he, Wendell, and a girl named Christina Vanderpool who belongs to the Junior Skeptics, and doesn't even believe that Danny is a dragon, go on an adventure in their own town.  It's Halloween and they are out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood with the good candy.  The school bully Big Eddy, dares them to go into the haunted house on the road.  They agree to knock on the door, as they can't break into a house with Danny's dad watching them.  They knock on the door, and of course it opens, and they step in.  The door shuts behind them and will not open.  Christina doesn't believe in ghost and helps the boys see that Big Eddy and his friends are the ones banging on the doors outside to scare them and steal their candy.  They scare off the bullies, but there is still the real ghost.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dragonbreath: Lair of the Bat Monster:

Dragonbreath: Lair of the Bat Monster by: Ursula Vernon
Fiction: Fantasy, Humor, Graphic Novel, Children's, 204 pages
Physical Book Count: 18
Book Count: 21

This is book 4 in the series, (3 was not in the library.) In this book it is summer and Danny and Wendell find a half-drown bat at the city pool.  So they take a bus (well actually a couple of buses in a few hour trip) to see Danny's cousin Steve in Mexico.  Steve studies a cave full of bats in the jungles of Mexico.  He is also trying the save the cave from developers.  When Steve shows off the cave to the boys, Danny gets kidnapped by a giant bat, which they call Camazotz after a giant bat god that people in the area use to worship. Steve and Wendell track the bat in the jungle to find it's lair; meanwhile, Danny is trying to escape from the bat which seams to think he is it's baby.  In the end Wendell is the one who saves the day, as well as Camazotz, who's existence also saves the other bats in the area as it will need to be studied as a new species

Friday, April 28, 2017

Cracked: The De-Textbook:

Cracked: The De-Textbook: The Stuff You Didn't Know About the Stuff You Thought You Knew By: the Cracked Writers
Non:fiction: History, Science, Humor, Pop Culture, 207 pages
Physical Book Count: 17
Book Count: 20

For those of you that haven't heard of Cracked, it is a website of humorous articles / lists that are often informative and NSFW.  They often do articles on how everything you were taught in school was wrong.  There are also ones on pop culture, crazy things that you might have not heard in the news, photo shop picture on a theme, etc.  This book is about the things that you were taught that were wrong, skipped all the fun parts, or just got glossed over in order the get the the things you needed for standardized tests. Much to all of the information has already been published in the website, but it was arranged like a text book and had humorous pictures labeled as figure (blank) with the sentence explaining it just like a text book.  

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs

Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs by: Ursula Vernon
Fiction: Fantasy, Humor, Graphic Novel, Children's, 206 pages
Physical Book Count: 16
Book Count: 19

This is book 2 in the series, in this book there is a foreign exchange student at the school.  Her name is Suki a salamander from Japan who Wendell likes.  And she is being attacked by ninja frogs.  So Danny, Wendell and her take the bus to Japan to visit Danny's great-grandfather who is a Japanese dragon (who cheats at Trivial Pursuit.) It turns out that Suki is the reincarnation of the queen of the ninjas who want her to lead them again.  As she wants to be a veterinarian, they get help from a group of samurais to stop the frogs.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Dragonbreath by: Ursula Vernon
Fiction: Fantasy, Humor, Graphic Novel, Children's, 148 pages
Physical Book Count: 15
Book Count: 18

Danny Dragonbreath is a real dragon (although he can't breath fire yet,)who is best friends with Wendell an iguana.  They go to a school filled with reptiles and amphibians. After getting an F on his paper on the ocean, (because snorkelbats aren't real,) he and his friend take the bus to the Sargasso Sea to visit a cousin that is a sea serpent. They then go on an adventure involving a ship wreak, giant squid, jelly fish and sharks.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cholesterol Clarity:

Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL is Wrong with My Numbers? By: Jimmy Moore with Eric C. Westman, MD
Non-fiction: Food/cooking, Science, 241 pages
Physical Book Count: 14
Book Count: 17

Besides the author and the doctor that co-wrote small sections of the book, (he had a section at the end of each chapter and some inside the chapters) there was also information from other doctors, scientists, dietitians and people that decided to take their health into there own hands by studying the science and trying changes out on themselves.  Like many books dealing with topics that people had thought the science was settled on, before much of any science was done there are slightly different thoughts on what we should due given what we know now.  But overall there is a great overlap in what things are important, with people having slight differences in what they would do in some situations.  It is written so that someone without a lot of scientific knowledge could read and understand it, but it does include the data from studies and where to get more info, so that if you want to look at the raw numbers you can.  It also includes information on other test you can get that seam to be better indicators of having a increased risk of a cardiac event and a number of practice test results at the end, so you can look at cholesterol numbers yourself and take the info that you have learned to see if the "person" had health, unhealthy or somewhere in-between numbers.
Like many books that question the status quo on health and nutrition this one believes that the modern diet is a main cause of many of the modern health problems, and that most to all (again there were some slight disagreements between the experts on somethings) people can fix their cholesterol issues by changes in diet and lifestyle (i.e. stop smoking, sleep enough, do light exercising, reduce stress, the usual.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Chopped Cookbook:

The Chopped Cookbook: Use What You've Got to Cook Something Great By: the Food Network Kitchen
Non-fiction: Food/Cooking, 233 pages
Physical Book Count: 13
Book Count: 16

This book will not tell you how to make a meal out of canned whole chicken and pizza crusts.  But what it does is taking the ideas behind the show chopped to make meals out of the types of things that most people have in their kitchen, which a few items that might be new to people.  It includes short question and answers from the various chopped judges.  It also includes charts for how to quickly and easily make many versions of basic things, i.e. what combination of acid, oil and flavors to use to make all sorts of vinaigrettes.  There are also pages that take the same 3-5 items and make 3 or 4 different type of meals out of them.  Sadly the dessert section includes no bread puddings.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Plants vs. Zombies: Bully For You

Plants vs. Zombies: Bully For You By: Paul Tobin Art by: Ron Chan
Non-fiction: Graphic novel, Sci-fi, Humor, Pop Culture, 92 pages
Physical Book Count: 12
Book Count: 15

This time there are 2 groups of zombies, not only is Dr. Zomboss up to his normal tricks, but a separate group of zombies that were all bullied have gotten together to stop Dr. Zomboss and take over the neighborhood themselves.  Also staring the hedgehog Mr. Stubbins.

Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse

Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse By: Paul Tobin Art by: Ron Chan
Non-fiction: Graphic novel, Sci-fi, Humor, Pop Culture, 76 pages
Physical Book Count: 11
Book Count: 14

In this story the machine that Dr. Edgar Zomboss made to stop the plants gets blown up and goes threw all of time.  Luckily Crazy Dave had just made a time machine.  Dave, his niece Patrice and Nate have to travel back and forward in time fighting zombies, dinosaurs, pirates, sharks, and disco to get all the parts before the zombies and save the world.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnageddon

Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnageddon By: Paul Tobin Art by: Ron Chan
Non-fiction: Graphic novel, Sci-fi, Humor, Pop Culture, 76 pages
Physical Book Count: 10
Book Count: 13

This book is the first in the series and goes over the start of the story line of the plants vs. zombies video game, with the addition of more story line of who Crazy Dave is and with a niece of his and a boy from the neighborhood as the main characters.