Friday, March 29, 2019

Kim Reaper: Grim Beginnings:

Kim Reaper: Grim Beginnings By: Sarah Graley
Fiction: Graphic Novel, Paranormal
Physical Book Count: 14
Book Count: 20

Most young adults have a job to help pay for college.  Kim's is being a grim reaper for animals. (As you work your way up to people.)  Everything was going well until Becka, who has a crush on Kim, follows her through a portal to her job.  Chaos ensues. 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Who in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Who in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Fiction: Pop Culture, Mystery,Children's 196 pages
Physical Book Count: 13
Book Count: 19

This book is based off the first season of the new TV show.  It covers basically everything in the show with some areas that add more details and information then the show.  

Monday, March 18, 2019

I Love When You Talk Retro:

I Love When You Talk Retro: Hoochie Coochie, Double Whammy, Drop a Dime, and the Forgotten Origins of American Speech By: Ralph Keyes
Non-fiction: history, pop culture, 271 pages
Physical Book Count: 12
Book Count: 18

As the book's subtitle notes this book is on the origins of phrases that are used in American speech.  It is divided up roughly by what origin they have and includes information that people not familiar with the history could need to explain the word.  For example, how the train system in earlier times dealt with small towns along the tracks to explain why a whistle-stop political campaign is where they have events in many towns in quick succession. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans:

A Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans by: Laurence Yep & Joanne Ryder
Fiction: Fantasy, Children
Audio Book

Miss Drake's pet "Fluffy" has died and her great-niece inherits her key to Miss Drake's apartment.  She doesn't want a new pet and Winnie isn't the type of human that she would want for a pet.  However, Winnie thinks that the dragon is her pet and she promised her aunt that she would take care of Miss Drake.  Also Winnie has notes from her aunt about the dragon and having had lived a life on the road has enough street smarts to match wits with the dragon. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Bone Magician:

The Bone Magician by: F.E.Higgins
Fiction: YA, Historic, Mystery
Audio Book

This book takes place at the same time as the author's other work and so you can read this or the other book first.  In this story Pin gets a job as a corpse watcher which is someone that professionally sits up all night with a corpse until they get buried a few days after death. (As it takes place in a time when wakes were done in case the "corpse" does wake from a deep coma and isn't really dead.)  One night when watching a body, he is drugged and sees an old man, a girl around his age, and a man that knew the dead person sneak into the room.  Then they preform a ceremony and the dead body sits up and talks for a short time.   Shortly after this event, he gets kicked of the room he was renting and ends up rooming in the same house as the girl from the ceremony that "raised" the dead. 
Meanwhile there is a killer in the city that puts a golden apple in the pocket of all the people he killed.  Many people think it is Pin's dad as he is on the run after being accused of killing his brother-in-law.  Pin knows that his dad isn't the killer and so he and friends that he picks up on the way work to solve the mystery of who the murder is to clear his father's name of these crimes.  Also Pin is trying to find out how the bone magic of raising the dead works.