Thursday, January 31, 2013

Forensic Detective:

Forensic Detective: How I Cracked the World's Toughest Cases By: Robert Mann Ph.D
Non-fiction: Science, History, True Crime 240 pages
Book Count: 4

This book is written by a forensic anthropologist and deals with real life cases that they have worked on.  The cases range from working on the 1st victim of Jeffrey Dahmer to the remains of vets from WWII on. There is also a chapter on the body farm, where they study how bodies decompose in different situations. And a fair amount to details on how they work on a case. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sherwood Ltd.:

Sherwood Ltd.: By: Anne R. Allen
Fiction: Mystery 274 pages
Book Count: 3

This is book 3 in the Camilla Randall Mysteries and takes place a short while after Ghost Writers In the Sky. In this book Camilla (the manner's doctor) is so desperate that she is house sitting for her friend (who doesn't know she is there.) When scrounging in a dumpster for enough recyclables to buy some milk, she is almost attacked by a coyote and fights off some perv. (She later finds out that he might not have been acting as a perv in the alley, but interested in her writing as he is the owner of a publishing house that sells erotica, but wants to do non-erotic books as well) A short time later she finds a dead body in the same area. But, she soon has bigger problems to deal with when her friend's boyfriend gives her a one-way ticket to anywhere she wants that isn't there. She ends up going to England to take Mr. Sherwood up on his book deal.  From there her life gets turned completely upside down as she deals with crooks big and small in a modern day Robin Hood story, or maybe Peter Pan?

Friday, January 18, 2013


Forbidden: The Books of Mortals By: Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee
Fiction: Sci-fi/Fantasy, Religion 436 pages
Book Count: 2

First a note on the labels. This story takes place in a future, where due to an apocalyptic level event and a virus created by alchemist, they have almost no technology and have fear as their only emotion. So on one level it's sci-fi, but it reads like a fantasy due to the olden feel of the world and their choice of names for things. Also, this book doesn't talk about any real world religions at all, but given what I know of the authors I knew that this book would be on some level a religious book, even before it became clear that one of the characters is going to be a very Christlike figure in the next book.

Now about the book itself. I really enjoyed the story. The story starts out as the story of Rom, a normal young guy living in the capital of the world and working singing in funerals, writing music (which is quite hard in a world without emotions,) and doing odd and ends type jobs to make ends meet.  Then an old man who says he knew his dad hands him a package and talks of a group called the Keepers before being killed by Citadel (the inner city of the rulers) guards.  This is shocking on many levels. First, killings do not happen. Second, as far as he knew his father lead a normal life and died from a fever years ago. Third, now he is the Keeper of a strange parchment and a vial of blood and on the run from the law. From there his life is completely changed.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jan. E-books Part 1:

India's Most Delicious Recipes By: Chef Ban and Tara Alexander
Non-fiction: Cooking, E-book

This book does have a good selection of Indian food, both vegetarian and none.  The recipes do look tasty, but about 80% of them required special ingredients or in one case tools.  The book makes no note of what to do if you can not find this ingredient even though I have seen other recipes for the same foods that do work around it.  And I know that you can find anything on-line, but most of the recipes call for curry leaves, a plant I have only found in the gardening section of a store, and on line goes for $4+ for an ounce (plus shipping.) So if you like Indian food and have a curry plant, then this book would work for you. Otherwise, I'm glad I got this when it was free.

Legends of the Middle Ages: The History and Legacy of the Knights Templar By: the Charles River Editors
Non-Fiction: History, E-book

This short book is an introduction to the Knights Templar. It is written to explain the actually proven history of the group, but also lets you know about common myths about them both modern and historic.

The ABC's of Freezer Cooking By: K.M. Logan
Non-fiction: Cooking, E-book

This book is an intro to freezer cooking using each letter of the alphabet as the start of each hint. It also includes recipes that work well when freezing.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Yours, Mine and Ours:

Yours, Mine and Ours By: Mary Janice Davidson
Fiction: Mystery, 334 pages

Book Count:1

This book is the sequel to the book reviewed here. In this book all three sisters are dating Patrick, Cadence's best friend's brother. And they are dealing with finding another serial killer, one that has been killing for decades.  Also, there is a hot new doctor in the hospital's blood bank, Shiro makes a friend with a new co-worker that thinks her mirror image is out to get her, and Adrienne "adopts" a dog from it's ex-con, abusive owner. (Which isn't OK with their apartment lease.)

E-book Notes:

A quick note to remind me of e-books that I read, but have no desire to comment on or review.

The Art of Frugal: Feeding a Family on a Budget By: Kaylee Cole
Non-Fiction: Home ec., e-book

THE HOLY SPIRIT: Amazing Power for Everyday People By: Susan Rohrer
Non-Fiction: Religion, e-book