Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Gift Giving Guide

  • We all have people on our gift list that we have no idea what to get. People like your neighbors, co-workers, that friend of a friend that always get you a gift and sisters. Here are some random, generic gifts that they might not hate.

  • Money- every one likes money; however, nothing says “I put no thought into your gift” like money does. So use it as a last resort, or for people that could see it more as a Christmas bonus then a gift (Christmas bonus: Noun- extra money employers gave their employees around the holidays back when they actually pretended to care about them.) This would be people like babysitters or paperboys.
  • Lotto tickets (scratchers) – this is a great gift to give little old ladies that go to bingo every week. But, it has the downside that you are most likely giving people useless pieces of cardboard worth nothing.
  • Popcorn tins- everyone likes popcorn right? Funny story one year my parents and their neighbor each got the other the same tin.
  • Gift Cards- Pro: it’s like money, only it shows some effort. Con- it’s like money you can only use at some places.
  • Candles- give people candles, lots and lots of candles for every gift giving time.
  • Lotion- people use lots of lotion in the winter, but what type do they like?
  • Summer sausage- Get a guy dead animal parts and they will love you forever, or at least the 5 mins. It takes to eat.
  • Candy- Just make sure that they are not diabetic first.
  • Those box sets they have out at all the stores for gifts- They are scientifically designed to be liked.

    Well, we hope that this has helped you pick out gifts, and just remember we at Weird News BNI have lots of lotion, but could always use more money. (This is a paper, sort of.) :P

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