Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Weird Things Our Cat Does

In a pre-on line edition of Weird News BNI we shared the top weird places our cat likes to sleep. As cats are weird we thought we would comment on other weird things he does, as some of our readers feel that we do not spend enough time on the weird or newsness of our title even though we pointed out that the title in no way really related to the content. Anyway, our cat likes to jump up in the window of the bedroom and lick the mini blinds. One would think that he is trying to dust using only his tongue. And this is not a quiet thing. He likes to do this only while we are in the room resting. And he can not easily be persuaded to stop. It is as if the blinds are made of tuna.
Does your pet do weird things, if so please tell us about it. Because, it can’t just be this one cat that’s weird, can it?

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