Friday, January 05, 2007

Weight lost Tips

~Before you start if you have any health problems you should work with you doctor to set up a diet that’s good for you. Everyone else calls them and let us knows any funny answers, please.
~You will lose weight as long as you eat a couple hundred less calories then your body needs. (Eating way too few calories, make your body think you are starving to death, which is not a good thing.) If the average person ate 1700 calories only in chocolate donuts and beer each day they would lose weight. (They would need to take lots of vitamins too, so they don’t get deficiencies, but they would lose weight) So pick a diet you can stick to, no matter what foods are in it.
~Always put food on a plate or bowl. Eating even a healthy snack out of the container will result in you most likely eating more than you should.
~Allow a time or two of cheating on your diet in a week. Otherwise you are more likely to give up, or binge eats. Just make it a small amount. (A piece of cake, not the cake.)
~Add exercise to your day, to counterbalance your slowing metabolism.

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