Tuesday, April 10, 2007

TV Show Review – The Richs

This show is on FX at 10p.m. And this Friday they will be having a marathon of every episode so now is the perfect time to start watching it if you haven’t already. The Richs star Minnie Driver, British born actress of TV and movie fame and Eddie Izzard, also British, although better known for his stand up comedy. As many Americans may not know as much about him here is a short bio. Eddie Izzard was born in Yemen to British parents on business. He is known for including Biblical, historical, and cultural references in his comedy. It also includes different voices, pantomime and French and German. He was called the “Lost Python” by John Cleese. He is also a transvestite and does his shows in drag. (But, he is not transgender or gay, he is a straight man who just likes to wear dresses and make-up or as he puts it “the opposite of a tomboy” or a “male lesbian”.) Making it odd to watch him play an American who wears suits and ties.
But back to the show it’s self. It is about a family of travelers (who may or may not be Gypsy/Roma it’s not clear.) Who end up living as a rich family in an upper-class neighborhood. The dad has to play the part of a lawyer. The mom who just got out of jail has to deal with suddenly becoming a housewife. The oldest son wants to go back to the life that they had before; living in an RV traveling around the country pulling cons. The daughter is dealing with going from the mom like roll she played in the family to a suburban teen. And the youngest son is a cross dresser (this apparently was done before Izzard joined the cast.) who is excelling in the new environment except that although his cross-dressing is accepted in the family, he must hide it in the outside world. (At least so far.) This show masterfully blends the comedy and drama that the storyline creates. In every episode one is holding their breath to see what happens when they are not laughing at what is happening then.

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