Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gifts for Book Lovers- Splintered Icon

Book count: 95

For: mystery lovers, people who liked "The Da Vinci Code"

Splintered Icon by: Bill Napier
fiction: mystery, suspense 357 pages 2003

First, this book starts with a flash forward, which is annoying for two reasons. A: it in no way notes that it is a flash forward so it is confusing. B: once you find out that it is a flash forward it kind of messes things up as you know a very important part of the story a head of time. also, the writer is British so at times you need to translate a word or two from The Queen's English to American. Besides that the book was a fun read. It's about a old journal written by a sailor that many people want to get their hands on do to what it is about. It is also about a ancient icon that may contain apiece of the True Cross, a calendar, religious fighting, & non-albino members of Opus Dei.

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