Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our New Year’s Resolutions:

We at Weird News B.N.I. pointed out last year the importance of sharing resolutions, in order to have a greater chance of success. If you look up you will see that we did in fact make our resolution this year. (That and that we will need a new tag line in a day.) So we are once again sharing our resolutions, so February we can’t be like “No, we didn’t have and resolutions that we have failed at.” (Unless we delete this post!) Any way here are this years resolutions:

1. Write an average of at least 10 pages a week handwritten, 5 typed or a combination of the two (for example 2 typed and 6 handwritten). This blog does not count unless I am writing a fictional story or poetry.

2. Maintain my current weight or loose weight.

3. Read at least a total of 1825 pages, (i.e. an average of 5 pages a day.) of religious or spiritual writings. As our pastor suggested everyone have a new year’s resolution for their spiritual life, but not pick something unreasonably big for them we will let you know now we A. hope to read more then that and B. are going to be generous in what fits into the category just in case. For example, we are including in it fiction. (Note: to husband, you can not use this to make me read the Narnia series to the kids, you know how I feel about its “Symbolism.” “Hello, descendants of Adam, my name is Aslain and I’ll be your blantly obvious representation of Christ today.”)

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Note: I have no idea how to spell that lion's name. I could look it up, but it would talk minutes!