Monday, March 30, 2009

A Book in Review: Not Buying It: My Year without Shopping

Not Buying It: My Year without Shopping By: Judith Levine
non-fiction 264 pages 2006

Book Count: 19

This is the story of a person who tries to spend a year without buying any luxuries. So she basically buys simple foods for a year. I.e. no pre-made food, no clothes,or fancy shampoos only basics,charities, bills and taxes. Now there are a time or two that she does buy something, but only a couple times. Because this book is about NOT doing something, there is a lot of pages spent on other things then what they did that day. It has a lot on why one should or shouldn't buy things, politics, rants on society and the like. The parts on the not shopping were interesting, but all the other parts were meh. It is interesting that a liberal Democrat, arty, person in a two income home in a election year gives less total to "charities" (i.e. tax deductible groups, politic parties, the arts) then like 1% of their income. (I can't find the page, its on, but it was a tiny amount, a membership to a couple museums and suggested donation to a saving the earth group could equal that amount. We give more then that in a year, sure as the writer is an atheist, it's not like they are going to tithe, but you would expect them to be into giving to different causes they are into.)

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