Friday, March 27, 2009

A Note to Self: Downsized But Not Defeated

Downsized But Not Defeated: The Family Guide to Living on Less By: Hope Stanley Quinn & Lyn Miller-Lachmann
Non-Fiction money 292 pages 1997
Book Count: 18

First, in case you didn't read the post two days ago, we were reading this NOT because we were downsized at work, but because we are into reading books on saving money at this time. This book has a lot of good information on if you suddenly HAVE to live on less money. It deals with what bills you should try and cut or reduce and what things you will still want to have in case (like car and house insurance.) It goes over the benefits of things like budgeting, cooking from scratch, and involving the whole family in saving money. But, it is more about when tragedys happen then a just want to save money type of book. It would be useful for that and it has lots of advice of where to get help. Also, I would like to know what type of made up world they are living in where ever school has at least a school nurse and some may even be a place to get cheap medical services for kids. I have never been in a school with a nurse and everything I've heard about schools with them, they don't do much of anything. Also, given the cost of running a oven, verses the cost of bread even not at a discount or bakery outlet store, I would think it wouldn't be cheaper to make at home. (Excluding, if you had a breadmaker, then it might be cheaper.)

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