Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Book in Review: Green Living For Dummies

Green Living For Dummies By: Jeffery, Barclay & Grosvenor
Non-Fiction: environment, living 344 pages 2008
Book Count: 24

This book has a number of good tips on how to make small and large changes in your live to help save the environment. However, you do have to cut threw a lot of smug to find them. The majority of the big tips work only for one of two groups of people. First, there are the tips that only work if you life in a large city with a good public trasperation system. Tips like walking to the store, school, and workplace only work if they are a 10-20 min. walk away. And using a bus or train is only practical if there are buses or trains that go near there and that don't require you to spend 3 hours to do so. The other main type of large tips are ones that would work if you were well off and lived in a more country setting. Growing a large organic garden takes space and money. Also does using wind power, creating a underground rainwater cistern, and swicting your house to geothermal heating. The small tips are good, but many of them are ones you already know, based on the 3 R's. Some are ones you may not have heard, like collecting your shower water in the tub and using it to water plants.

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