Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Note to Self: Ancient of Days

Ancient of Days by: Michael Bishop
Fiction: sci fi, 409 pages
Book Count: 28

This book is about a Homo habilis (a protohuman species from long before the first Homo Sapiens) that is found in a pecan grove in Georgia (USA one) by a woman. (Yes, I am now only reading books on evolution. . . Just Kidding!) She brings him in and teaches him how to live like a modern human. From there the three parts of the books, each a mini book that could be its own book if a little longer, starts. The first bookette deals with him becoming a modern person, the two people falling in love and the racial/anti-evolution hatred of some of the townsfolk. The second one is a thriller novella dealing more with issues of hatred. The last one is where it gets a bit odd. It deals with religions, the soul and what it means to be a human. Adam (the Homo habilis) has some interesting ideas of religion including a odd combination of Voodoo, an achient form of monotheism, metaphysicism, humanism, Christianity, worship of the dead, nature religions and more.

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