Monday, April 06, 2009

A Note to Self: Premium Beer Drinker's Guide

Premium Beer Drinker's Guide: The World's Strongest, Boldest and Most Unusual Beers By: Stephen Beaumont
Non-Fiction: food 211 pages
Book Count: 22

This book goes over the history, ingredients, and characteristics of many different styles of beer. It then gives info and reviews of a couple of beers in that style. This information includes the relative price of the beer (As prices differ some by state's laws, taxes, where you buy it, etc.) How easy it is to find it and how long it is good for when stored correctly. I learned that there are some beers that one should age like one would with a wine. I learned about unusual ingredients in some beers and many other things. It introduced me to the beershake. It would be a good book to get for someone that loves beer.

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