Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Note to Self: "That Scottish Play"

"That Scottish Play" By: "That Shakespeare Dude"
Non-fiction, classic literature, plays 93 pages
Book Count: 31

OK, I don't actually have a fear that if I say "Macbeth" horrible things will happen, I just like calling it "That Scottish Play". And for those who wonder, I actually have never read the whole play before. My 12th grade AP English class had the choice between reading "Macbeth", one of Shakespeare's shortest plays and "Hamlet" one of the longest ones and they picked "Hamlet"! I was not one of the people in the majority, as A, shorter play, B, witches, ghosts and insane people, verses only ghosts and the insane, and C, Hamlet is an adult and the king is dead, why in the world is he not the king or at least trying to be at least Macbeth had some ambition, he wasn't moping around his castle the whole play.

Anyway, as anyone who doesn't know what this play is about can find out in 5 minutes I'm not going to summarize it here.

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