Monday, June 22, 2009

A Book in Review: The Gardner Heist

The Gardner Heist By: Ulrich Boser
Non-fiction: true crime 223 pages
Book Count: 40

This book is on the theft of art work at the Gardner museume in 1990. It is an unsolved crime and all of the art work is still missing and may have been destoryed by impropler storage by now. It's chapters are all named after the missing art and goes into all the susspects and reliable leads that have been found to date. It was an intresting book; however, it pointed out too much how easy it is to steal art. Only about 10-15% of the art reported missing is found and museumes often have less security then they should. The main deterent is that after this theft laws on handleing stolen art were changed so that the statue of imitations on length of time the theifs can be prosicuted has gone up. Also, the art that was taken in this heist were too known to be reenterduced into the art market.

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