Monday, September 07, 2009

A Book in Review: Flint and Silver

Flint and Silver: A Prequel to Treasure Island By: John Drake
Fiction: historical, adventure 357 pages
Book Count: 56

First, unlike the book that this book is based off, this is very much an adult book. The author makes a short note on why "Treasure Island" was a childrens book, and why this book is for adults. But, I found the reasons to be unsadisfactiory. Yes, "Treasure Island" was a story made up for a boy child and as such didn't have romance and other "girl" things in it. And I get if an author likes adding female charaters and romance in a book. However, it makes a odd prequel to a children's book to have a story that is diffentily NOT for kids. As it would be one thing if he added some romance to it because, he likes writing that, it still could be appropiate for older children and teens. But, along with detialed nudity, sex, and masterbation there are mulitple attemptive rapes. And then there is all the volience one would expect in a piriate book, plus some extra.

Once one gets past the issues with this being a prequel to a kids book, it is well writen and fits well with the original book. The book is full of details that show the author put much study into writing this book. Some of the characters are a little differnt from the first book, but largly in a way that would fit with them changing over time from events that happened to them. Also it deals with the issue of the fact that pirates diddn't realy bury their treasures.

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