Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Book in Review: Mr. Monk in Outer Space

Mr. Monk in Outer Space By: Lee Goldberg
fiction: mystery, TV 274 pages
Book Count: 87

This book is based on the Monk TV show. It takes place a couple of years before the end of the show as it is told by his assistant Natalie whose daughter is 12 in the story. In this book Mr. Monk has the solve the mystery of who killed the creator of a show called Beyond Earth, a sci-fi show with a cult following much like Star Trek (complete with its own alien language). Also, do to a invisible coffee stain and a hamster at Natalie's house Monk moves in with his brother, Ambrose while he gets new carpeting. Which turns out to be helpful as his brother is an expert in the show, even writing books on the subject. With his brother's help he solves this case as well as 4 other ones.

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