Friday, January 14, 2011

A Book in Review: 200 Easy Homemade Cheese Recipes

200 Easy Homemade Cheese Recipes By: Debra Amreib-Boyes
non-fiction; cooking 369 pages
Book Count: 2

Over all I liked this book more then Home Cheese Making (link here). It told you how much of each ingredient to use, had tips throughout it, divided recipes by the methods used, wasn't preachy, and made things sound easy. That being said if you are new to cheese making and plan on making pressed cheeses you would want to read other books too, as it goes into pressing somewhat, but in the recipes instead of listing pounds of pressure you need it just says light, medium or heavy for pressing. Also, as each book has slightly different recipes, some even for the same cheeses, I almost want both of them (the 1st book I read was a library book). As I had the specialty ingredients that I needed this time, I used it to make a cheese as well as ricotta. The directions were as easy to follow as I thought they would be.

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