Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Book in Review: Jerry Baker's Old-Time Gardening Wisdom

Jerry Baker's Old-Time Gardening Wisdom By: Jerry Baker
Non-fiction: gardening 340 pages
Book Count: 13

This book is a collection of tips by a man known as "America's Master Gardener." This book is mostly about all of the things about gardening and growing plants from his grandmother when he was a child. As such some of the advice is quite old and you would want to also check with newer sources as well. This is especially true in the case of medical uses of plants/ treating common physical problems that gardeners have. For example, although his grandmother liked putting aloe on sunburns; which, is still used today and often is quite helpful, she also used butter on them, which is now known to make the burn worse. But, the actual gardening tips are useful, and include a number of easy to make home remedies, info on what different plants need, and uses of different plants.

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