Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Book in Review: Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker Book 1 By: Janet & Alex Evanovich Art By: Joelle Jones
Non-fiction: Graphic Novel, mystery, adventure 106 pages
Book Count: 10

As you can tell with the info at the top of the page this is a 106 paged graphic novel. As such it doesn't even try to be a complete story, but it does pick a good break in the action to stop until book 2. This is also a book using characters from earlier books. (Barnaby and not the more famous Plum) But, it does a good job of letting you know all you need to know about all of the characters. In this story Alex Barnaby is down in Miami when her friend Rosa goes missing. Trying to find her gets her and her co-worker/boyfriend, Sam Hooker sucked into a world of crime and dark Voodoo. (As well as dealing with Hooker's mother.)

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