Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Audio Book in Review: Coyote Blue

Coyote Blue By: Christopher Moore
Fiction: Humor, Fantasy, Religion

In this story Sam Hunter (Samson Hunts Alone) a Crow Indian who is living life as a white, insurance salesman has his life turned upside down when Coyote (as in the trickster god) shows up. Because of this he meets a woman he falls in love with, losses his home and job, gets his home and job back, goes to Vegas and has Coyote loss thousands of his money gambling. After that point things get weird. This book also has a couple of characters from other books of Moore's in it, Minty Fresh and Detective Sergeant Alphonso Rivera. Although, this was written before Minty became a death merchant it gives you extra information on how he ended up with that job.

9 C.D.'s 10.5 hours

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