Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Book in Review:The Gates

The Gates By: John Connolly
Fiction: science, paranormal, humor (YA?) 293 pages
Book Count: 26

First a couple notes. This book was in the adult fiction area of the library; however, the main character is an elementary school kid and there isn't anything in this book that most people would have a issue with a kid reading. (mild unrealistic violence, no sex, I don't remember any swearing, etc) Which gets to note #2, the full cover reads " The Gates of Hell are About to Open Want to Peek?" as the story is about the gates of hell being opened with the help of the Large Hadron Collider, which would be the one thing that might make it too old for young readers. This book has a lot of complete scientific ideas mixed in with deep philosophical issues. (Not so many religious ones as its Hell is just where all the evil that was created in the Big Bang ended up, so the demons weren't fallen angels, but things of various level of evil from the lovable Nurd to the Great Malevolence.)
Now about the story itself. It is a quick and fun read about an unusual boy that has to stop the end of the world after seeing his new neighbors open a portal to Hell when he was Trick-or-Treating a couple days before Halloween. It has fun titles for each chapter which tell what will happen in it without giving anything away. And the characters are also fun even if most of them are a bit typical (the jock, the nerd, the bad guy that's not that bad, the evil animated gargoyle, etc). Also there are a lot of other great things about this book that I forgot because I read it days ago and then got busy with holiday things.

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