Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Book in Review: Cirque Du Freak (vol 2)

Cirque Du Freak (vol 2)The Vampire's Assistant By: Darren Shan art by: takahiro arai
Fiction: Manga, Paranormal 191 pages
Book Count: 52

Darren the half-vampire and Mr. Crepsley move back into the Cirque. Darren makes friends with Evra, the snake boy and a normal boy named Sam. They work together around the cirque and Darren learns to help out in the act. He is still working on dealing with what it means to be a half-vampire and refuses to drink human blood, even though he knows that it will kill him. Then the wolfman is let loose and attacks Sam. Once again Darren must make a hard choice, drink Sam's blood so that a part of him can live in him, or keep his promise to himself not to drink humans.

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