Friday, August 12, 2011

A Book in Review: Cirque Du Freak (vol 7)

Cirque Du Freak (vol 7) Hunters of The Dusk By: Darren Shan art by: Takahiro Aria
Fiction: Manga, paranormal 191 pages
Book Count: 57

In this book we learn that there are 3 vampire who might be able to stop the Vampaneze Lord and they will have 4 chances to do so. Of course Darren is one of the 3. So he and his friends set out from vampire mountain to hunt the Vampaneze Lord as well as to find Lady Evanna (who you should never call a witch.) She is able to see the furture somewhat as she was made by Mr. Tiny using vampire DNA and as such has some of his abilities as well as maybe being the only one who can have a vampire baby. They also run into the 3rd vampire who can kill the Vampaneze Lord and head back to the Cirque Du Freak. They learn about the changes in their friend's lives and have their first chance to kill the Vampaneze Lord.

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