Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Book in Review: The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook

The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook By:Matt Dunn
Fiction: Chick Lit, 354 pages
Book Count: 74

This book is a Chick Lit book as told by the guy. Edward comes home one day to find his girlfriend Jane gone, along with everything she owned (Which was most everything.) She left a note saying she was going to Tibet for 3 months to sort things out, and that in fact it was him and not her, because he let himself go. Ed spends the next 3 months with the help of his best friend (and womanizing local celebrity) Dan, Wendy (the barmaid of their local), and Sam his new and female personal trainer working on all the areas of his life that he could improve to impress Jane (well most, he draws the line at hiring a prostitute to test his lovemaking skills. [Which was Dan's idea.])

Note: this book was clearly writing in the UK with related spellings, words etc.

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