Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Book in Review: Stupid History

Stupid History By: Leland Gregory
Non-fiction: History 267 page
Book Count:80

This is a book of one page or shorter entries about things that you think you know about history but don't, as well as odd facts, and weird events. It is over all interesting. Many of the entries were things I already knew. A couple were not quite right for example; although it is true that Lizzie Borden was acquitted by a jury of the murder of her parents it doesn't mean that she was innocent(as the author states), experts are still arguing over if she did it or was involved in some way. Also, St. Patrick's day is the 17th of March not because people weren't sure if he was born on the 8th or 9th so they added them together, but because they thought that he died on the 17th. As like with most saints days its the day he died that they base the feast day on (With is logical when you think about it as it would be the day they became a saint in the sense of the word they are using.) And the last issue I had with an entry was that it stated that the Bible never says that angels have wings like we see them in art, as although the way people draw angels isn't from a Bible passage describing angels there were a couple times when angels in the Bible were said to have wings (some times multiple sets.) But, besides these three times when the "fact" wasn't quite right or at least might not be, the facts were fun and told in a interesting way.

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