Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Note on E-book Reviews:

Yes, just one year ago I said that I hated e-books, and I still hate the whole paying as much as a paper book for the ability to read a book on a set device thing. But for the holidays I will be reviewing a few e-books of short stories or that are otherwise not in a tangible book format that I have picked up for free (legally). And as they are mainly done as a way for the authors to get new readers and to advertise the book it is logical that they are e-books and free. (As I have to agree that this is a perfect medium for expanding your readership. And I don't feel bad downloading a book for free that is realy a cleaver ad for their main books.) So if a review notes it is for an e-book I will not put it in my book count and it will be for some short stories or a novella that you can pick up on-line most likely for free. (Some times the price gets bumped up to .99 after a while.)

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