Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Holiday Book in Review: The Book of Pirates

The Book of Pirates By: Jamaica Rose and Captain Michael Macleod
Non-fiction: Children's, activities, history, 219 pages
Book Count: 93

(Yes, I was a little off in the book reading timing for the holidays.)

As we read a book on ninjas it is only fair to read a pirates one too. (given that they are natural enemies of each other.)

This is a book for kids all about pirates. It includes information on real pirates, pirates in books and movies, and pirate activities that kids could do. (some with a little adult help.) It has a good mix of information on pirates: including female ones, Chinese pirates, modern ones and other things that often get overlooked in books. It also names websites that have more information or where you can get supplies for the activities in the book.

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