Saturday, November 05, 2011

Thanksgiving Songs:

Look. look at all the songs we have for this major holiday. . . some one really needs to work on this. Why is it that Christmas has a ton of songs about everything from what the holiday is actualy about to the weirdest Christmas gifts ever, but many of the other ones get stuck with a handfull of songs that were only written in the last 60 years that somewhat have to do with some part of the day? Anyway enjoy.

OK, there are a few more Thanksgiving Day songs out there, but name 3. Unless you are a kid singing silly songs about turkey and mashed potatoes in school, or you have a favorite artist that happenes to like Thanksgiving a lot, or you looked it up on youtube I doubt that you can. Maybe later this month if I have a day that I don't have anything for, I'll share some of the youtube ones as well, but it's slow right now, and their are only so many songs about eating turkey you can lissen to before lunch.

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