Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Turkey By Any Other Name. . .

Turkeys have many odd names from around the world, showing that no one had any idea what this American bird was. Here are what some of them translate into in English.

- Roman Rooster
- Ethiopian Bird
- Egypt
- Greek Bird
- French Chicken
- Peru
- Dutch Chicken
- Indian Bird
- Calicut (India)
- Chicken from India
- Rooster of India
- Native Fowl
- Western Chicken
- Elephant Chicken
- Big Chicken
- Cough up a Brocade Chicken
- Cough up a Ribbon Chicken
- Fire Chicken
- Peafowl
- The Great Duck
- Big Bird
- Seven-faced Bird
In short the turkey is a large chicken from some country (possibly India) that you should stay away from if it is coughing.

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