Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Book in Review: Me, Myself and Why?

Me, Myself and Why?  A Modern Threesome By: Mary Janice Davidson
Fiction: Mystery 302 pages
Book Count:  101

This is the story of three sisters that work for a special division of the F.B.I.  Well, actually only the oldest sister does, but as they are all in one body the others show up from time to time.   And what makes the F.B.I. division so special is that they hire people with multiple personality disorder as well as other mental illnesses, so everyone there knows about the three of them.  Cadence, the main personality, is working on stopping the ThreeFer serial killer, who always kills in groups of three.  Her “sister” Shiro pops out whenever her life requires fighting, and to help put the clues together.  The last “sister” Adrienne is just crazy and her parts of the book are written in free form poems.  Along with working on this crime that seams in some way connected to her, Cadence is also trying to date.  (Which is hard to do when her one sister cancels dates on her.  And they both pop up during dates.) 

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