Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cursed Immortals: Judas and the Vampires:

Cursed Immortals: Judas and the Vampires By: Aiden James with J.R. Rain
Fiction: paranormal, e-book

This book has two books in it, both are the 1st book in a series.  Book one is Plague of Coins of the Judas Chronicles which is the book written by both authors.  Book two is The Vampires' Last Lover of the Dying of the Dark series.

In Plague of Coins Judas did become immortal after trying to kill himself (twice) for betraying Jesus; however, he isn't a vampire or evil.  He does look the same age as he did 2,000 years ago.  He also must find all of the coins that he got for the betrayal before the Second Coming in order to have a chance to get into Heaven.  In this book he as well as his son (who looks twice as old as his dad.) are looking for one of the coins in Iran.  Their trip gets overrun by the US government who want them to look into a Russian who is looking for the garden of Eden. 

In The Vampires' Last Lover Txema a 19 year old girl who carries her family's two teardrop birthmark on her neck, finds out the truth about her family tree.  Not only were they royals, but their family is connected with vampires.  And there are 2 groups of vampires.  One is human like and the others are more animal then man.  The second group are out to get her and the first say they want to protect her, but Txema isn't so sure. 

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