Friday, March 16, 2012

Ghosts The Complete Guide to the Supernatural:

Ghosts The Complete Guide to the Supernatural By: Zachary Graves
Non-Fiction: Paranormal 185 pages
Book Count: 10

First, given the author's name, how could they not write about ghost?  This book does have some good information on ghosts, but is in no way the complete guide to them.  The sections on: real haunted places, ghosts in films, books with ghost and other ghosts in the arts were a good starting point to studying the topics.  The parts on religions/beliefs on ghosts/spirits and holidays about them are all too short/general to be useful and there are other books that deal with the subject better.  Also he is clearly in the pocket of Big Achient Egyptian Polytheism with his needless attack of Akhenaten. So over all an OK starting place for the study of historic and fictional ghosts. 

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