Friday, May 18, 2012

Ghost Writers In the Sky:

Ghost Writers In the Sky By: Anne R. Allen
Fiction; Mystery, E-book
Book Count: 29

Note: this review is based off of a free copy of the book I was given from the author.  I did get it after entering a contest for a free book on their blog. (here) But I was not the official winner. 

Next semi unrelated to the story thing: I wonder how e-books have changed the number of people reading forewords, and other info at the start of the book.  Most e-books start at the start of the story and not the title page, etc., so when this book started at the foreword, that's were I did.

This book is a Camilla Randall (aka: Dr. Manners) mystery.  It can be read as a stand alone novel.

Camilla didn't think her life could get much worse after her messy divorce and related money problems.  But then a story about her being into all sorts of kinky things makes front page news and she agrees to talk at a writers' conference at and old ranch in California just to get away from the story.  Unfortunately, not only does the story follow her: but the ranch's owner see ghosts, her gay ex-boyfriend who was outed by her ex-husband is there,  the conference is full of jerks, there's a celebrity impersonating transsexual dominatrix, anti-wine groups,  hidden rooms, scandalous letters, and then there's the dead body in the bedroom. As you might guess this story has a number of twists and turns as well as a collection of quirky characters that make for some odd and funny situations, but even with these the mystery stays central to the story.  Amazingly with all that is going on she almost has time for romance, horse theft and attacking ghosts with designer shoes.

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Anne R. Allen said...

Thanks so much for the great review! I'm glad you had fun with it--and you got the humor. Yes, no matter how bloody things get, Camilla always has fabulous shoes. (They come in handy as weapons, too.)

The forward comes from the UK's superstar indie thriller writer, Saffina Desforges. I'm so grateful she's helping introduce my work to a UK/International audience.