Monday, July 02, 2012

Their Last Suppers:

Their Last Suppers Legends of Time and their Final Meals By: Andrew Caldwell

Non-fiction: history, biography, cooking 179 pages

Book Count: 36

This book has interesting premises; tell a short biography of a famous dead person as well as what their last meal and or favorite foods were with recipes. And for the most part it does that. The biographies are the type you would expect in a high school text book (short, simple, and including only the most well know parts/theories about the person's life.) The recipes are diverse and mostly updated so that the modern cook could make them. There are a few typos in the recipes making at least one recipe unusable and a number more confusing as they call for things that weren't on the ingredient list in the instructions. (Most give some idea of how much you need of it in the instructions, making it still possible to use the recipe.)

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