Thursday, December 13, 2012

E-book Short Stories

Creepy 2: A Collection of Scary Stories By: Jay Krow, Jeff Bennington, & Katie M. John
Fiction: Short Story, Horror, E- book

This was going to be a part of the books I read on Halloween, but I was 2 stories short. So, I forget most all of what it was about, besides ghosts.

There's a Dead Elf in Santa's Workshop (a short Derk Shriver mystery) By: K.C. Flynn
Fiction: Mystery, Short Story, E-Book

A short murder mystery about a dead elf in a Santa's Village type amusement park in Nevada.

Never Eat Zombified Chicken (The Adventures of Kevin Curmudgeon) By: William Bienz
Fiction: YA, Short Story, Sci-Fi, E-Book

This is the story of a boy who wins a contest to go to NASA, after writing an essay about what he liked about space.  He liked that it was quite, TV signals come from space and he wants to send Susie Brown (a girl from his school) into it. Susie Brown also won the contest. After this fishy start things only get worse. They accidentally get launched to the moon, only to find that they weren't the first ones there. The moon is populated by a civilization descended from the hillbillies that accidentally got sent to the moon before the "first lunar landing". They have survived using alien tech, and life there is nothing like modern earth.

The Night They Nicked Saint Nick (A Christmas Story for the whole family) By: Carl Ashmore
Fiction: Children, Short Story, E-Book

This is not a story that all the kids listen to sitting around grandfather in front of the fireplace, no matter what the title says. But it is a fun short holiday story for kids. Santa got kidnapped and the main character, Derek a 7 year old boy, must save Christmas. Why? Because he will be the next Santa Claus, or Father Christmas because it is British with British spelling and word use.

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